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Landlord leaders and Housing Minister to address conference next month

The housing minister and the chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association are amongst 60 speakers named for an upcoming conference in London.

It’s thought the timing of the event - February 27 and 28 - should allow the minister, Lee Rowley, to give an update on the progression through Parliament of the controversial Renters Reform Bill.

NRLA chief Ben Beadle is also listed to speak at the event, the London PropTech Show, taking place at the ExCel Centre.


There will also be speeches by the head of the Build To Rent trade body - Brendan Gerachty, chief executive of the UK Apartment Association - and  Sean Hooker of the Property Redress Scheme.

Prominent PropTech entrepreneur and lettings sector commentator Neil Cobbold is also set to address delegates.

The event - the second annual edition - describes itself as “where real estate professionals, tech enthusiasts and top companies will converge to explore the intersection of innovation and real estate.”

More details here

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    Great 🫣 they can talk over how we are being screwed over 😱😱

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    No Simon, Ben will only be there to have his belly rubbed.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    Another exercise in "blue sky thinking" (and other in house jargon) capitulation and self congratulation.

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    Scrap the Stupid Bill now it’s the best improvement they can make. We have heard it all before not interested in 60 speakers blowing their cole talking rubbish trying to justify their wrong doing, it’s not their property.

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    I am sure this would be fantastic to attend, listening to how they are going to put council estates in the sky again.... No thanks.

    One thing though maybe Beadles About may change his mind on S21 after he has seen the vision of BTR gang and their new tower blocks, wonder if they will be called Nelson Mandela House?


    With more cobblers from Cobbold and Balderdash from Beadle (I wanted to use a different word but didn’t want Kim Jon Norwood after me) this will be a conference well attended by insomniacs. 💤💤💤💤💤

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    Here's what the Minister said to me...

    My MP, who as a Deputy Speaker cannot act as an MP should do, but passed my letter to MHLUC and
    got a reply from Jacob Young MP. Hadn't heard of him but he says he is the minister responsible for the RRB, not Lee Rowley.

    I'd set out my detailed concerns about various things a Lld can do under the threat of s21, which the Govt. isn't beefing up Section 8 to provide for. Like serving a notice on a tenant who gets dementia and becomes a danger to herself and the tenant upstairs (as happened to me and the USA based son knew I could use s21 if necessary). And also the need to make a number of Section 8 Ground Mandatory, not Discretionary.

    The reply back didn't, of course, answer my concerns in any way!!!
    It instead was a 'aren't we good letter' saying how the Govt. has listened to Lld concerns and made some changes: on student lets; not enforcing EPC grade C; and delaying s21 abolition until the courts get their act together. That was basically it, apart from some flannel about valuing good Llds.

    Another MP is a party Whip for housing and levelling up issues, so used that as an excuse not to act on my concerns as constituent, even though she was on the House of Commons Committee considering changes to the RRBill - useless.
    All she can do is ask parliamentary questions, so I'll investigate what might be gained if I spend time on that.

    In the meantime, two of my concerns which apply to a rental haven't been answered: their s21 notice came into effect today.
    Well done Jacob Young MP. You could easily have made/promised two simple changes to help Llds and tenants, but chose not to even answer/address the issues.


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