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Improved EPC will boost property’s sale value - new figures

A comparison website claims that an improved rating for an Energy Performance Certificate now improves a property’s value.

This is driven by prospective buyers’ increased interest in energy efficiency. 

Uswitch says that based on average house prices in the UK, a correlation has been found that properties with a higher EPC rating are more valuable. 


Those with a rating of “A” or “B” have an average of around £57,000 added to their value. This is almost £10,000 more than those with a rating of “C” or worse. The difference between those rated “C” or “D” compared to “E” or “F” was a valuation of around £1,500. Homes with a “G” rating were found to have no extra value.

There is significant regional variation in the increase in house price value when upgrading the energy rating. 

The South East shows the highest increase (£112,821.75), followed by London (£137,613.44), indicating that these regions may place a higher value on energy-efficient properties.

For all regions, there is an increase in house value for an improved EPC rating, with all regions apart from the East of England, South West, and West Midlands seeing at least a 10 per cent increase in house value for an A/B EPC rating.

The East of England, South West and West Midlands may have a lower percentage increase. However, this still translates to a significant increase (£22,000, £20,000, and £8,000 respectively). 

Triple glazing emerges as the most lucrative upgrade, contributing an average increase of £44,770.09 to a property's value. Double glazing follows closely, offering a substantial uplift of £36,706.45. The importance of effective window insulation is evident, as single glazing shows no increase in house value. 

Roof insulation, another key aspect of energy efficiency, is also found to significantly enhance property worth, with an average additional value of £25,152.64. Limited insulation, while contributing positively, exhibits a relatively modest impact at £1,552.14.

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    We’ve known this for years. EPCs prepared by professional assessors are now very much fit for purpose.
    Higher quality properties with insulated walls, insulated loft and an efficient heating system will always have a higher rental value and capital value compared to sub-standard units. EPCs are now accurate, working and people and lenders use the national measurement system.
    It’s common sense.


    Gibbo, 😂 couldn’t you sleep 🛌 😴.


    If they're so accurate how come the estate agents assessor came in with EPC F25 while a highly experienced independent assessor made it G14?
    Nothing had changed between assessments. Both times it had single glazing, no heating, no insulation and the only source of hot water was an electric shower. In both assessments it scored full points for low energy lighting.

    George Dawes

    Shame we don't have a dislike option on here


    Gibbo is off again. Like a rat up a drainpipe. He is like Pavolov’s dog. He seems masochistic to me. 😂😂😂

    Peter Lewis

    I’m sorry but how the hell, did they let gibbo out of the asylum.

  • icon

    The Epc's in my block of apartments all built the same, all with the same heating system range from B to D, all done by different assessors. That is how accurate they are. Not worth the paper they are written on and carried out by assessors who could not even spell assessor before their 2 day training course.


    😂 I know, I own a couple of flats and the EPCs are all over the place. They’re an embarrassment

  • icon

    This is a bonkers article conflating energy efficiency improvements with house value, with no indication of what was done, how much the EPC improved, the value of the houses to start with. How have they arrived at the figures? Is it sale price of properties bought to improve and then sold (so actual sale prices but including the increase in value following a full refurb)? Or is it their own valuations before and after? Never mind the fact that epcs are inconsistent and unhelpful.
    Either way, most decent landlords will have already done the cost effective, straight forward measures, and in most cases, where massive spending is needed for very small benefit, it will not be financially viable and therefore will not be done.

  • icon

    Nothing worthy of a comment today just keep us busy corresponding with each other about Government scams.
    While Llyods Bank bulk buying thousands Flats to let of Course there are several others, to muscle-in to take over the Private Rented Sector. The real reason for the RENTERS REFORM BILL it’s the way to get rid of us. Grainger the biggest landlord has been around for decades but Lloyds now aim to take crown imagine that, do you still think Its not to take over the Business that we built from scratch ?. The Council’s are useless (but part of the conspiracy) if they wanted to make any attempt to solve Social housing. Why don’t they buy those Blocks of Newly Built Flats instead of Lloyds Bank as apposed to the Billions they at wasting on B&B and Hotels on temporary unsuitable accommodation. You can bet your life Lloyds and other Organisations like Legal & General, M &G, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds etc will be Renting many of those Flat back to the Council.
    Scrap the RENTERS REFORM Bill now never mind reading the stupid Bill a third time. The tool invented to destroy small Private landlords for the Banks & institution’s to take over. Never anything said also about conflict of interest they are the Mortgage lenders and control the Financial Markets even if they want to hide behind a Subsidiary.

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    Very True Indeed Michael, best bet is to sell up and buy their stocks!

  • icon

    Probably lots of other factors involved here.

    Until the EPC algorithm is fit for purpose it is worse than useless.

  • George Dawes

    House near to me no alterations in over 30+ years apart from changing lights to LED got a C , still has windows from probably a hundred years ago !!!

    Place next door after blowing a fortune got same

    Whole thing is a scam and a farce , bit like the whole w*f BS

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    EPC rating are a total scam, even if done my the same assessor. They do not check assess anything at all, based on total assumption. I thought they would have some tool or device like barometer to check the walls, floor and atleast check the loft for insulation. But they do not test any of these issues. Just mark it as assumptions and we have to prove that loft has been insulated and have a new boiler etc to get a proper rating.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    This is nothing new.
    A more salient point would be to address the wildly inaccurate, highly subjective nature of these so-called Certificates of Energy Performance: a system recognised as not fit for purpose.

  • Peter Lewis

    I’ve discovered that one of the reasons tha EPCs are incorrect is that if you have a property of an awkward shape the assessor has to calculate the internal area of the property
    If their maths is incorrect then so can the EPC.
    The 6;apartments in my block are identical but when advertised all have different areas.hence different EPCs.

  • icon

    Ive got a property that was biult in 2002 so 12years old and a c rated ,
    Had wooden windows, door and frame, 12mm double glazing, halogen spotlights
    New thermal break plastic windows and door, 28mm glazing, 3.5v leds to all rooms
    Now rated a D what a joke
    He said go for solar panels to heat the water ,cost 6k to save you 60 pounds a year
    100 years and I'll get my money back then, what a knob


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