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Green activist fighting election on Rent Controls platform

A prominent Green Party politician is arguing for rent controls - and accuses Labour of watering down its commitment to the idea. 

Siân Berry - who is a member of the Lo Don Assembly and a parliamentary candidate for the party in Brighton - says there’s new YouGov opinion poll showing backing for rent controls.

Berry claims caps on what landlords can charge, rent controls, or freezing rents, are supported by 69 per cent of respondents in the poll. 


Oddly the poll results have only just been released but emerged from questions to  1,137 adults in the week before Christmas.

Berry is using the data to hit at Labour which she claims “has watered down its support for renters, refusing to back rent controls should they win the next election.”

She says even Labour voters want controls - she claims the poll shows 82 per cent of Labour voters support the idea.

Speaking has told the London Assembly: “Rent controls are an essential part of the overall manifesto from grassroots groups, and this polling shows 69 per cent of Londoners are supportive of introducing the measure. 

“However, our polling also shows people are not satisfied with progress on [Mayor Sadiq Khan’s] progress on creating new affordable homes. Those most affected know exactly how long a distance we must go before the housing crisis turns a corner. 

“When asked how well or badly the Mayor was doing on a range of issues, respondents returned the most negative answer on the topic of building affordable homes, with a total of 63 per cent choosing ‘badly’ and only 17 per cent choosing ‘well’.”

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    Green? As in inexperienced, jealous and 🤮. I need not say more. We know rent controls don’t work.

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    We have Rent Controls already in the form of Licensing Schemes removing your finances reducing your return is that not controlling your income.
    Yesterday spent Applying for a License again Renewal another £1’550.00 fee bites the dust. This was the fourth attempt in last 2 weeks to Apply because their system wouldn’t allow me to proceed it kept saying the property has a license.
    Yesterday saying your license has expired and will need to make a new application but it hadn’t expired.
    Anyway the Application can’t be made without a Reference No, that they withhold then give you one that doesn’t work so a New Application had to be made with the help of a Computer expert who works with Computers every day, he struggled and grappled to get through it but got to the end eventually.
    The Council doesn’t deal with the Administration of the Applications
    anymore they are not capable it subbed out to Computer Giants that don’t know their A from their Elbow, not workable not Tenable. This 2 Storey house has been licensed and relicensed since this scheme was introduced in 2006, so it’s the 4th time but a brief gap in between when they were deciding about renewing the Scheme.
    Is it no wonder that the majority of landlords that should be licensed according to the rules are not the Application process now impossible.
    I say having been licensed three times previously on this house, Applications that I had made myself but now impossible for an experienced landlord its obstruction at every level of the highest degree.

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    Aye good idea R Controls- NOT! Look at the f in mess Scotland are in due to them. S Berry what a complete idiot. Must like the sound of her own voice.

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    My opinion has not changed, I DO believe Labour will be forced to bring in rent ( and possibly an evictions ban), controls, the pressure from their supporters will be huge. They WILL u turn 😱😱.

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    If asked I would back controls of fuel prices, groceries, tax, MP's salaries, government workers salaries, insurance premiums, wine and beer.

  • icon

    Asking people with no relevant knowledge or experience is unlikely to get a sensible response!

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    Rent caps do NOT work. They just mean massive rent increases in between Tenancies- plus landlords threatened with this will jack rents up to the max before this comes possibly- l certainly will be. Also MORE landlords will sell up.
    But the stated GOAL of government is to push landlords out of the sector. So this will acheive just that.

  • icon

    Sarah. Agree just like what happened with the threat of the unnecessary RENT REFORM BILL.

  • icon

    GREENS, please take look at what rent control did to the rental property market in Scotland.

  • Gary Dully

    The Green with envy party pushed section 24 on us via George Osborne, look how that’s encouraged the market, (sarcasm at warp 10).

    Yeah try that little idea of rent control and watch the bank repossessions skyrocket.

    Thats effectively nationalising the housing stock, without any appropriate money.

    Where’s the Cuban flag, I think we might need one?


    I have been to Cuba. It is less authoritarian than UK.

  • icon

    Two questions:


    If everyone had to give the same answer to both questions I wonder how the would answer?

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    I am, sadly. old enough to remember the prices and incomes policy. Never worked then and won't work now. The PRS is, on its present course, doomed.


    I remember that too.

    Companies rushed to put their prices up but weren't in such a hurry to raise wages.

    Fery  Lavassani

    Those of us who lived through Rent Act 1977 remember, no Section 21 together with open ended tenancies plus rent caps simplified in two words "sitting tenants".


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