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Pet Damage revealed in new costs survey

A personal finance company has attempted to quantify the costs of pet damage at a property. 

Novuna polled over 2,000 UK homeowners aged 23 to 50, to assess the scale of misbehaving pets and the related repair bills. And it appears some 75% have experienced pet related damage at home, leading to a repair bill of £627m. 

According to the study, soiled carpets and flooring damage (50%) leads the tail of destruction faced by half of all UK homeowners, whilst chewed furniture (32%) is a headache encountered by a third of pet loving Britons. Owners also have to repair ripped furniture (23%), torn curtains (13%) and electrical damage (10%) thanks to unruly pets. 


Nearly a third (32%) have undertaked home alterations to help keep pets in check. 

A spokesperson for the finance company says: “With eye watering repair bills of over £1,000 for many households it demonstrates the lengths we’ll go to keep our furry friends happy, but also the importance of planning for unexpected costs”.  

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  • John  Adams

    For most people pets are part of their family and I rent to several families with various critters with few issues, kids on the other hand...


    agreed children can be far worse, the rent has to be high enough to cover damage

  • icon

    I seem to recall that in a past article it said tenants with pets took and looked after the property better than none pet owners. This post goes against that.


    That's right TT. It's getting more and more difficult to give credibility to this site... It just prints anything to fill a space sometimes..

  • icon

    Blame the owner, not the pet regardless whether they are homeowners or tenants. The reason pets cause damage is because they are bored and don’t like being left alone for long periods. Hybrid working must be very confusing for them. A lot of pets were purchased during COVID and now their owners cannot work from home five days a week.

  • icon

    As a paid up member of the spelling police, who let UNDERTAKED slip through? 😡

  • Malcolm Stretten

    I am concerned that Michael Gove's department may be considering allowing tenants to not just keep cats and dogs but more exotic pets as well. I think he might be about to bring forward legislation to allow tenants to keep brown bears, tigers, ant-eaters and if there is a pond available, crocodiles. Who knows!


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