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Last ditch bid by officers to save council landlord licensing

Environmental health officers are making a last ditch bid to save local council licensing.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health reckons that an amended Renters Reform Bill - being debated in the Commons today - would threaten the existence of council licensing regimes.

That’s because the government’s proposed property portal, which is a major part of the Bill, effectively undertakes the same task but in a more efficient and uniform manner.


An amendment tabled for the Bill would remove the ability of local housing authorities to designate areas as subject to selective licensing.

The CIEH claims licensing isn’t another layer of red tape but is valuable in its own right.

Louise Hosking, Executive Director, says: “We strongly disagree with suggestions that the proposed Property Portal removes the need for selective licensing schemes.

“Licensing provides a means for local authorities to inspect privately rented housing using enforceable conditions and to identify and resolve problems without the need for tenants to have complained.

“The Property Portal would collect valuable information but would not replace this service.

“The Renters Reform Bill should be used as an opportunity to remove unnecessary barriers to local authorities using licensing schemes to improve housing standards.”

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    Louise Hosking says licencing is NOT another layer of red tape (and source of income for the councils) but is valuable in its own right.
    She really should go into comedy.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • George Dawes

    I’m just glad we’ve got these hard working diligent public servants who have our best interests at heart

    Now thst IS a joke !

  • John  Adams

    Actual translation, "We have found a wheeze to pay for Tea & Biscuits whilst looking busy and we don't want the Government to take that away".
    I have yet to see any evidence that Selective Licensing has improved living conditions or reduced antisocial behaviour in these areas, all that it has done is make the council a few bob and push rents up.

  • icon

    Selective License was supposed to be used in exceptional Circumstances for a maximum of 10% of an area .
    Not as a money making scam by Councils . The safe Guard was supposed to be Gove`s department.

  • icon

    Money, money, money...

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    "Oh No..dont take away our ability to rinse Landlords for entirely no reason. We need the money to cover our outrageous fiscal negligence and misappropriation of funds!"

  • icon

    These councils are missing a trick. Why don’t they invent/consult and apply a scheme to fleece social landlords too?
    Oh I forgot, conveniently there’s no suitable legislation so they are free to neglect their tenants in their decaying estates and won’t pay a penny toward Council coffers to fritter away with the upmost incompetence either! Dual gangsters in bed together contributing less than nothing useful as usual.


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