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NRLA “disappointed” about big rises in landlords’ court costs

The NRLA says it is “profoundly disappointing” that the government has chosen to hike court fees for landlords at exactly the time when dissatisfaction with the courts is so high.

A National Residential Landlords Association spokesperson says: “Landlords and tenants in the private rented sector are reliant on a consistent, fair, and timely service from HM Courts & Tribunals, which is often found wanting. Increasing the cost of accessing justice without a corresponding improvement in the service provided seems unjustified.”

Court fees will rise 10% next month with the cost of a possession claim rising to nearly £400.


The 10% rise has been applied to 202 different fees, with landlords to be hit be increases including the costs of:

- a warrant of possession, which will rise from £130 to £143;

- most orders to enforce a money judgement, which will go up from £119 to £131;

- making a possession claim in the county court, increasing from £355 to £391.

During a consultation before the rise, most respondents felt any increase above the cost of living was unfair.

The government ignored that and says the next rise is lower than the 17.8% applied to costs between 2021 and 2023. 

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    Paying more for a worse service seems to be the norm in public services these days!

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    They don’t care less, it could get a whole lot worse when the RRB comes in along with Labour. I do fear 😧 an evictions ban coming in at Winter time 🥶, and circumstances will lead to a rent increase ban. What control we currently have, will soon be lost 😡

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    The NRLA say it is profoundly disappointing.
    I say the NRLA is profoundly disappointing.

    What a weak response from them. No wonder landlords are leaving the NRLA and selling up. They need someone with some fight in them, not this mealy mouthed response.

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    This is just the tip of an inflationary onslaught for LL's, the real bite will be post Sec 21, when full court hearings will be mandatory with costs born by the LL while tenants are represented by inhanced free legal aid. Evictions will cost LL's thousands and is of course a deliberate Gov ploy.

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    Yes the Government is prepared to pay any amount in Legal Aid fees to solicitors file clearly fictitious counter claims to keep Rent Dodging house bashing tenants in the property.

    Then Thousands of pounds and Months/years later You arrive for the eviction Date to be informed nothing can be done today the court has received a notice of Breathing Space.

    In my opinion If the Government really wanted to reduce the Number of evictions . They should make the Process quicker . First Months Notice , 2nd Month Section 8 /21. 3 month Court order . 14 days out. The fact people know they can work the system paying Rent for many is not a Priority.

    Sarah Fox-Moore

    They want to reduce the number of landlords- they dont care about evicted tenants and the eviction process- that just draws in more money.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    The only answers are
    1. Sell up & get out
    and in the meantime
    2. Increase rents to the Max goong rate now and each year.

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    Obviously it’s a deliberate Housing Crisis since it was caused by the Powers that be, Government, Councils, Courts etc and enforced. They robbed the finances with Fees, Penalties. Regulations, Certifications, Licensing Schemes, S.21, S. 24, and virtually remodel your property that was perfectly habitable before then talk about housing Crises.
    Like for example for me remove and replace dozens of doors some beautiful heavy duty mahogany polished doors others Edwardian hand made mortise & tenon that I had previously sander down & refurbished that stood the tested of time and were there120 years as good as the day they went-in but not good enough for today’s hopeless generation.
    Like the big double range cooker I was required to install that Tenant’s didn’t want and their food arrived on a moped's.
    Like the second sink in the kitchen that I had to do again pointless surplus to needs wasting worktop space.
    Like the hand basin requirement in every room which I did to comply then subsequently changed that rule a fat lot of good to me when it was already done.
    There is no end to it and too much for a text on iPhone SE.
    Now about to implant Sitting Tenants abolishing the words Owned/ Ownership look in any Dictionary and you’ll understand Owner means right of possession, it’s scandalous behaviour by Authorities. So many Landlords that I know under so much stress like second class Citizens, many with Rent arrears others paying double C/tax for a non-service on vacant property too scared to let with this draconian government.
    Now I need some therapy to hang on to my sanity let’s get the Karcher out and wash the Patio.


    Great post, Michael.

    Is it deliberate that there is so much legal uncertainty etc?

    Politicians certainly seem now to be behaving contrary to the rule of law: creating huge legal uncertainty, happy to legislate retrospectively; having no qualms about abusing state power by saying that Section 21 will go on day one in office regardless of what agreements have been entered into etc; and very ready to take landlords' property rights from them while at the same time making a housing crisis worse by doing that so that there is no legal ground for the interference.

    Also at a local level, there are repeat licensing schemes with no logical justification for them other than as a way to raise money to prop up councils who have mismanaged their finances.

    Under those circumstances, it is not possible to remain as a landlord, but it is galling to think that we have to sell our properties because of misbehaviour by those in power.

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    Gove’s mentality is the problem the idea is a Penalty for everything instead of an incentive. He wouldn’t last long in Business he should know how to get the best out of people which is incentives, penalties always mean forced to do it against your Will.


    True - but forcing people to do things against their will is a great way to get rid of them.

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    Everything ticked along nicely until the Gov got involved. What other item could you rent to someone and not be able to get it back without goingtoCourt - whilst the person who rents get free legal aid to fight the legal owner??


    That's the point isn't it! Who in their right mind would rent something without the capacity to get it back, when retaining ownership is coupled with so many onerous, and often unfair, obligations. Under those circumstances sale is a much better option.


    Maybe I could rent a nice car for a week and keep it as mine for years

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    we both know that they will be around with a spare set of keys and it would gone in a matter of weeks
    But you are so right


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