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Rent Control zealot dropped from Scottish government

The architect of the controversial rent control policies in Scotland has left the government.

It is not known what long-term implication this has for the rent controls currently imposed north of the border.

Patrick Harvie - tenants’ rights minister in the Scottish Government until today - was co-leader of the Scottish Greens. His party was in a loose alliance with the majority Scottish National Party in the Scottish Parliament. 


This morning the SNP pulled the plug on the deal. The agreement had been at risk of collapse since Scotland's net zero minister announced last week that the government was dropping a key climate target, of 75% emissions reduction by 2030. 

Members of the Scottish Green Party were to have voted next month on whether to continue being part of the Scottish Government: that decision now appears to have been made for them by their leaders.

Harvie introduced a rent cap and other controls in 2022. 

The 2022 Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland) Act implemented a rent cap originally set at 0 per cent before going up to 3.0 per cent. Scottish ministers then voted to extend the powers available to them until September 30 2023, and again until March 31 this year.  

From April 1 - just over three weeks ago - the cap was changed to become effectively a permanent feature. 

A complicated rent adjudication process was introduced meaning increases had to be based on one of the following three comparators:  1. Open market rent; 2. A landlord’s proposed rental increase; or 3. A new taper calculation that will specify a maximum ‘reasonable’ increase for that tenancy.  

The irony is that rent rises in Scotland were amongst the highest in the UK during Harvie’s reign, as landlords sought to recoup extra costs through increases levied in between tenancies. 

Harvie walked out - literally - just before an emergency Scottish Government cabinet meeting this morning at 0830, when he was told of the SNP's decision.

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    Good hope he keeps walking....he and his auld cronies in the SNP ( and labour before the SNP) have over the past 10-15 years caused devastation in the Scottish private rental market for both private landlords and for tenants

  • icon

    There is a god and he still has work to do?
    Patrick Harvey said if this happened the rent bill most likely wouldn’t go through!!
    Popcorn at the ready


    Good riddance. May the Lord strike him down.

  • Fed Up Landlord

    In the face of electoral disaster, the SNP jettisons it's woke flotsam and jetsam green lefties along with their policies.

    Too little too late for scottish landlords and their tenants.

  • John  Adams

    Inevitably when you have ideologs instead of educated, expereienced people in office chaos ensues.
    We see this in Westminster all the time, where these newer Parliamentarians have gone through University, Intern and then selection at local level straight into Parliament, having gained no real world experience or relevant qualification other than a Degree in Politics or Sociology.

    Unfortunately the SNP and the other raggle taggle of leftwing extremists have had a stranglehold over Scottish Education for so long, the people seem incapable of making astute decisions come election time.

    Bob wellamd

    Politics is the only career where the desire to follow that path should immediately disqualify you from doing so.

  • icon

    Good news for Scottish renters!

  • icon

    According to the MSM they were sacked before they could resign because Hamas Useless was under pressure from his back benchers.

    Is the the beginning of the end of the SNP? We can but hope. 🤞

  • icon

    Yep walks away from the carnage he’s created whilst throwing a hissy fit as if he’s been hard done by. Should be made to face the misery he has caused to the sector (tenants and landlords)and no landlord should ever rent to him or his family. Blacklist

  • icon

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Maybe landlords in Scotland might benefit as he was toxic.


    I've tweeted "good riddance" to him personally.

  • icon

    Good riddance to him and to his screwed up lefty driven misplaced politics of envy.
    Scotland, Scottish landlords and tenants can heave a collective sigh of relief.

  • icon

    Well! we hope the next government after 4th July will take note and learn some lessons from failed interference to landlords/tenants contracts.
    If the government introduces and interferes any further than have already done, then they will see the consequences of their actions very soon, even if they force 3 years minimum rental leases. There is increasing in demand year by year. There are lessons the governemnt to learn from Scottish failed rent controls.


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