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Selling Up this year? Make it quick…

Rightmove is warning that the housing market is set for disruptions from the summer onwards, and suggests the brisk start to sales so far this year is because sellers want to beat the lull.

Rightmove’s market guru Tim Bannister says: “The summer holidays are typically a time of distraction for some home-hunters, as they temporarily pause their search and head abroad or to the British seaside. 

“In addition, the Euro 2024 football tournament and the Olympics this summer, likely followed by a General Election during the second half of the year, will add more buyer distractions than usual. There appears to be a tempting window of opportunity for those who are considering a move to act now before these distractions arrive. 


“While affordability is still very tight, property and mortgage market conditions remain stable, buyer choice is good, and many sellers will recognise that it is the right time to negotiate on price to agree a deal. The boost in activity suggests that many home movers are already springing into action to make their move.” 

His warning comes as his portal releases its latest housing market snapshot, showing a really strong start to 2024. 

The number of new sellers coming to the market is up by 12% compared to this time a year ago, and the number of sales being agreed is up by 13%.

The biggest growth in activity is taking place in the largest homes, top-of-the-ladder sector, with the number of new sellers up by 18% compared with last year, and the number of sales being agreed up by 20%.

Home-owners are springing into action, with Thursday 28th March seeing the highest number of new sellers coming to the market in one day so far in 2024, and the third largest since August 2020.

Rightmove also says the average asking price of property coming to the market has risen by 1.1% (+£4,207) this month to £372,324, just £570 short of the record in May 2023, while the annual rate of price growth is now +1.7%, the highest level for 12 months.

A key factor behind this growth towards a near-record average price is the largest homes, top-of-the-ladder sector, which is seeing its strongest start to the year for price growth since 2014. However, the website insists the the market remains price-sensitive, and operating at different speeds, with prices and activity rising more slowly in the more mortgage dependent first-time buyer and second-stepper sectors.

“The top-of-the-ladder sector continues to drive pricing activity at the start of the year, with movers in this sector typically less sensitive to higher mortgage rates, and more equity rich, contributing to their ability to move” says Bannister. 

“While some buyers, across all sectors, will feel that their affordability has improved compared to last year due to wage growth and stable house prices, others will be more impacted by cost-of-living challenges and stickier than expected high mortgage rates. Despite these factors,  it has been a positive start to the year in comparison to the more muted start to 2023. 

“However, agents report that the market remains very price-sensitive, and despite the current optimism, these are not the conditions to support substantial price growth. Sellers who are keen to secure their sale will still need to price realistically for their local market and avoid being overambitious at the start of marketing to give themselves the best chance of finding a buyer.”

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  • George Dawes

    Problem is where on earth do you put the money ?

    I always assumed property was the best bet

    Bit of a conundrum tbh

    John  Adams

    Use up your ISA allowance, top up your pension scheme and the rest on the Hull to Gothenburg Ferry trips which I am told is frequented by very friendly ladies 🤣


    I agree with you John Adams, but not sure about the ferry ladies. For fun you can always follow my investment scheme, check out my youtube channel, just go to youtube and search for autotradingai


    Give it away to your children so you don't end up giving 40% to the tax man!


    Tricia - My wife, myself and our son bought a house with equal shares, each putting in the same deposit amount. 2 years later we sold it, our son got the profit to put into his own house, he also had all the rental income for the 2 years, but he did pay all the mortgage, with overpayments. Then to top it all my wife and I paid all the tax due. So it all got a bit messy but our son got a good deal out of it. We have told him he has now had his inheritance.

  • icon

    No vested interest from Rightmove? 😉

  • George Dawes

    If I sell one of my flats biggest problem is the money will be shared between myself , my truly amazing brother and my utterly useless sister

    If I had my way she’d get an iou at best written on loo paper , or I might donate her share to Battersea dogs home or even shelter , lol , that’d really annoy her … heh


    Relatives eh 🤔 I had similar, until he died by his own stupid actions ( not suicide by the way).

    Richard LeFrak

    Yup all been there, best day of my life getting my brother out of the portfolio. Truly useless self serving idiot.

  • John  Adams

    Yes relatives indeed, I have a bunch of them, all feckless. Sad really because when I'm gone they could have prospered but I know that it'll be wasted.

  • icon

    Fair points, but also interest rates likely to start dropping later this year, which could offset these issues, also surely some pent up demand from people who were almost ready to buy before interest rates shot up? I have one coming empty this week so will see how it goes. Could easily rent it again but prefer to sell.

  • icon

    Oh I’m not the only one then.


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