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Labour Rental Sector Review launch with Generation Rent

The chief executive of Generation Rent is one of the speakers at the launch of a review of the private rental sector undertaken for the Labour Party.

Former shadow housing secretary Lisa Nandy commissioned Stephen Cowan, the Labour leader of Hammersmith and Fulham council in London, to write a report on the sector. Nandy was dropped as shadow housing spokesperson by party leader Sir Kier Starmer last September.

Cowan’s report is now being launched on May 15 in Westminster. 


The launch is being chaired by London Labour MP Karen Buck; other speakers at the event include William Hunter (described as a retired barrister and Labour activist) and Ben Twomey, CEO at Generation Rent.

Although commissioned by a member of the shadow cabinet in January 2023, no Labour front-bench spokesperson is billed as attending the launch.

The report is known to have been completed before last week’s local elections, but held back to avoid its recommendations being confused with official party housing policy.

A Labour website called LabourList says: “One source stressed it was an independent review, while another predicted it would include some bold proposals. Labour is expected to consider it in detail once it has been published … One source told LabourList they did not expect Cowan’s report to recommend rent controls.”

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    Labour in bed with Generation Rant! 😱 Who would have thought that likely? 🤣

    I wonder how they will cope with the institutional might of Bill Hughes and Legal and General?🤔


    It begs the question who is financing Generation Rent? Is GR getting their money from the Corporates by any chance?
    I can’t see GR have done anything in the short term to help tenants. Costs have been pushed and landlords selling up which is exactly what the Corporates want.

  • George Dawes

    They deserve each other

  • icon

    This sound likes a lot of doom!

    I think Labour can guess how bad this report will be received and have decided to keep it under wraps until after the elections but since it was known about will publish it now.

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    Labour Rental Review not with Landlord Property owners but with another lame duck Organisation with Charity Status I believe. When I go to the Butcher I ask the Butcher not the block.


    The thing is Michael, they think we are the blocks, not the butchers. All the legislation and all the rules neglect the very important fact that landlords are independent actors in the rental business and no amount of legislation or propaganda will make them hand their properties over to somebody else for life.

    However, if the aim of the Labour Party and Generation Rent is to get rid of all private landlords then they are going the right way about that. However, if the aim is to transfer ownership from landlord to tenant they are not going to find that easy, or even possible, in the majority of cases. Lots of landlords doing what Simon says below.

  • icon

    We all know where this is heading 😬😬 my decision to start selling was the correct one 💰🏝

    • A S
    • 07 May 2024 09:07 AM

    Correct Simon. But you'd be surprised how many people, knowing where it is heading, will still choose to sit on their hands in the hope it will change back. Human nature is a funny old thing!

    David Saunders

    Those landlords that sit on their hands hoping RRB will never happen, will (as per many many landlords in the 1970/80s) find their rent controlled property with a sitting tenant in situ will be worth at least 50% less than its value if vacant

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    If they say the won't that means they WILL.

  • icon

    All this will do as discussed in other posts today is put the final nail in the PRS coffin. Labour won’t be able to control the Corporates as they will have a monopoly. I became a landlord pre Section 21 and was extremely careful with selecting tenants. Other landlords around that time got round it by offering serviced accommodation. However there were no Corporates around then so Section 21 was introduced to create a thriving rental market. It will all end in disaster for the tenants. There is little the PRS can do in the interim other than sell up.

  • Robert Black

    You are absolutely right :-(

  • icon

    If everyone sells the price of property will go inevitably down which is the "corporate" game.


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