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Named And Shamed - huge number of social housing landlords slammed

The Housing Ombudsman - which currently presides over the social housing sector - has named and shamed 12 councils and housing associations.

Some of the cases involved Knowledge and Information Management - typically poor communications which have impaired Housing association responses to repairs, domestic abuse and damp/mould.

In one case a resident was exposed to damp and mould for a prolonged period because the landlord did not have adequate processes in place for information to be passed to new staff members. And in another case no action was taken or vulnerabilities recorded despite four complaints from a domestic abuse survivor.


Other cases demonstrate how landlords are unable to evidence to the Ombudsman action taken in response to repairs and anti-social behaviour because of inadequate or missing records, and how this can also hamper investigations by the Ombudsman.

There was also a complaint where the Ombudsman recommended the landlord consider a referral to the Information Commissioners Office following a data breach.

The landlords highlighted in this latest severe maladministration report were A2Dominion; Anchor Hanover; Clarion; Gateshead Council; Harlow Council; Leeds City Council; Lewisham Council; L&Q; Metropolitan Thames Valley; Notting Hill Genesis; PA Housing; and Sanctuary.

Richard Blakeway, Housing Ombudsman, says: “From domestic abuse to repairs to ASB, failings in this area can have a significant impact on residents, their health and wellbeing, as well as eroding trust in their landlord. Inadequate or inaccurate records can also present significant organisational risk, both handling individual cases or more widely.

“This creates a lottery where landlord actions can be inconsistent or non-existent.

“There is also a strong coloration between poor records, protracted complaints and severe detriment which is hard to ignore and can involve landlords of all sizes and types.

“In a challenging and changing operating environment, knowledge and information management should be the foundation of a solid service delivery and complaint handling.”

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    Tell me it isn’t so! 😱
    I thought it was the wicked, evil PRS landlords who made innocent tenants suffer! 😂

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    An Ombudsman more red tape and bureaucracy everything should be fine just to add insult to injury.
    Amazing all those major Housing Associations seriously criticised in no small way by the Ombudsman for their failings, yet they are exempt from HMO Licensing and many other regulations.
    Under the circumstances shouldn’t they be required to be licensed and exempt the PRS.

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    Councils should get their own houses in order before introducing selective and additional licensing schemes. I don't think that they should be allowed to police the private rental sector if they are poor managers themselves.


    Totally agree!

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    The Housing Associations have problems with economies of scale. They have a huge stock of properties to manage and have to employ people with little experience of building maintenance. The private landlord is motivated and has an intimate knowledge of his/her portfolio. The Corporates will experience the same problems. The powers that be are too wrapped up with their vendetta against the PRS to accept this is a major problem with large organisations.


    I bet a pound to a penny this comment well age very well indeed.

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    But in their defence look at the type of people they rent to, this is how the low life live it'll never change

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    Shelter demands an ombudsman investigate the ombudsman for not putting the blame on PRS


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