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NRLA will work with new government on next Renters Reform Bill

The National Residential Landlords Association says it’s “hugely disappointing” that the Renters Reform Bill will not become law.

This is despite the Bill having been amended to make it work fairly for both tenants and landlords.

NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle comments: “There has been too much dither and delay in government, and a failure to be clear about how to ensure changes would work in practice. 


“Critically, the market now faces yet more crippling uncertainty about what the future of the private rented sector looks like.

“Reforming the sector will be an important issue for the next government and we will work constructively with them to ensure changes are fair and workable. 

“That means empowering tenants to challenge rogue and criminal landlords whilst ensuring the confidence of responsible landlords to stay in the market.” 

A similar sentiment has come from a prominent lettings agency chain, the Leaders Romans Group.

A statement from Allison Thompson, LRG national lettings managing director, says: “This Bill has been in development for several years, aimed at addressing critical issues that impact both tenants and landlords.

“The Bill's failure to pass into law is a significant setback. While many of the Bill's provisions were contentious - including concerns over periodic tenancies, the abolition of Section 21 and the associated issues of court delays along with the inclusion of the right to request a pet - we believed that continued dialogue and amendments would have addressed the concerns of all stakeholders, ultimately benefiting the rental market. 

“LRG has consistently advocated for a balanced approach that protects both tenants' rights and landlords' interests. 

“The failure to pass the Renters Reform Bill highlights the need for comprehensive housing policies that provide stability and address the critical issues facing the sector, principally the undersupply of good-quality rental homes.

“As the UK faces a housing crisis, it is imperative that the incoming government prioritises housing policies that ensure stability and long-term solutions. 

“Over the past 13 years, there have been 16 different housing ministers, demonstrating a lack of continuity and commitment. We urge the next administration to place housing at the heart of its agenda, providing the consistency and long-term focus that the sector desperately needs.”

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    Quote "The National Residential Landlords Association says it’s “hugely disappointing” that the Renters Reform Bill will not become law"

    I'm really to struggle to find a good reason to renew my NRLA membership this year. I may as well just give the money to Shelter.

    Sarah Fox-Moore

    I could not agree more. I am no longer with the NRLA, also known as "Shelters little brother."


    I will NOT be renewing this year. Not sure who the Bungling Boy Beadle is representing, but it isn’t me! 😠

    Richard LeFrak

    I have cancelled my renewal earlier in the year, it expires next month and all I can say is thank God. Most uninspiring set of idiots you could ever wish to meet.


    I gave up my membership a few years back as I could see them working with government rather than the PRS. I am surprised any of you are still members!

    • A S
    • 28 May 2024 12:37 PM

    You are all principled folk. However, for as long as a landlord will get a discount on their selective/additional licence by being a member, the NRLA will have a guaranteed number of landlords signing up for financial reasons alone.

    It's a racket. Corruption at it's finest.


    What a strange comment to make, considering that he represents the interests of private landlords.
    The mind boggles.


    @ john hughes
    " considering that he represents the interests of private landlords" Now that is where you are under the misapprehension that Bungling Boy Beadle represents landlords' interests. He doesn't. He represents the interests of the NRLA.

  • George Dawes

    Rich coming from beadles never about

    Dithering is his middle name

  • icon

    NRLA and LRG, I cannot think of two organisations that are less representative of their members, well unless you count the faux-Tory party. 😡😡😡

    jeremy clarke

    Try Proprty Mark/ARLA only interested in getting their snouts in the trough to offer "qualifications " to agents. Not interested in supporting agents when it comes to any legislation, they rolled over on S24, tenant fee ban and renters reform.

  • icon

    Unbelievable the National Residential Anti-landlord Association who betrayed us and still at it.
    Hugely disappointing an Association that I joined 18 years ago to represent my legitimate interests and contributed to every year since, see fit to damage my
    The Insurance Policy’s that I had for 30 years prior with the Co-operative Insurance Society and switched to former NLA Insurance before being Amalgamated with RLA & sold down to river, amounting to several thousands pa, each one now more than £500.00 pa.
    The CEO of the NRLA now says he is hugely disappointed that TRRB hasn’t become Law and buried us good and proper, now at least there’s a glimmer of hope that PRS might survive and continue to house millions of Tenants at affordable Rents preventing further homelessness and Bankrupting the Government with rampant emergency accommodation out of control, shame on the CEO of the NRLA the fly in the ointment and should resign or be voted out. Dither my foot, yours furious.

  • icon

    It's highly unlikely that labour are going to have any sympathy whatsoever towards landlords. Just the fact that it's regarded as "passive" income (what a joke!) tells you everything you need to know. Batten down the hatches and charge as much as you possibly can and only rent to tenants that have been referenced to the hilt. And then hope and pray that they keep their end of the bargain and you don't end up with a fight on your hands.


    I notice Labour are saying they won’t increase taxes for hardworking people so does that mean they will increase taxes on “passive” income! They are already committed to increasing CGT and Inheritance Tax. They don’t want an aspirational electorate - they want us all dependent upon the State. Watch this space for Wealth Tax or tax on second homes or additional properties ie the PRS!

  • icon

    Perhaps the NRLA will take on board its members' concerns this time!


    🫣 I do hope so…. But I think we all know the answer.


    And perhaps pigs may purchase first class plane tickets!!

  • icon

    They could try arguing for fixed term tenancies. They failed miserably to support the MPs who advocated for those. The Renters Reform bill was appalling legislation for landlords - and therefore also for tenants.


    Well said Ellie. Fixed term tenancies undoubtedly best solution.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    Top Tip: put your rents up to the market max and brace yourself.

  • icon

    NRLA is a commercial enterprise that rinses money out of the misfortunes of landlords. It is not a representative organisation. On the contrary, it profits from the increased regulation and hostility toward the PRS. Selling ‘courses’ and promoting insurance and passive air ventilation is not representation!


    Spot on AJR.


    They seem to be representing the interests of agents, not landlords.


    As a landlord and agent, NRLA do not represent my interests in any way.

  • icon

    Sarah. I would love to but it’s not in my nature we all have to live.
    Anyway my Rents are £100k below the market, putting them up to max puts everyone under pressure to gives another £45k to the people that are behind all the housing problems from start to finish.

  • icon

    Mr Ben Beadle are you reading the message is loud and clear.
    Represent your Members or let someone else do it.


    He can't hear you. Too busy sucking up to Poly Bleat.

  • icon

    I'd really rather they didn't. Might be better to leave it to Shelter, Generation Rant and Acorn. They would speak up for landlords more than the NRLA.

  • icon

    I wonder if Ben Beadle ever gets to see our comments?!


    He does see our comments. I heard he uses the synonym ‘James Turner’


    I heard he also used Sandra - Bowes Rennox :)

  • icon

    AS, as I understand it you only get the discount once, the next time around I didn’t get it, probably a one off to rope you in then you are doomed.
    Reduce the extortionate application fee to reflect the actual costs of a paper exercise that Councils sub-let to a Computer website instead of profit taking then there’s no need for a pretend discount.

    • A S
    • 28 May 2024 13:04 PM

    Maybe it is in some areas Michael. Not in Lambeth - you get a 20% "discount" for renewals also.


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