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Private Members Bill aims to prevent unfair treatment of tenants

A former leader of the Liberal Democrats has introduced a Private Members Bill into Parliament, in a bid to protect tenant farmers from being allegedly unfairly treated by their landlords.

Tim Farron MP, who represents Westmorland and Lonsdale, says his Bill will create a Tenant Farming Commissioner.

Its powers could include in respect of payments under an Environmental Land Management scheme in cases where a tenant farmer has been evicted and for connected purposes.


Some 60 tenant farmers  have attended a meeting with the Tenant Farmers Association in the Lake District, when Farron is an MP, with some alleging that they had already been served with notices to quit.

The National Farmers Union and the Tenant Farmers Association have supported the creation of a Tenant Farming Commissioner.

Farron is quoted in local media in the area as saying: “Around half of our farmers in Cumbria are tenants, and their landlords range from the excellent to the far from excellent. This a moment where, with the Government changing from an old farm payment scheme to a new one, tenants are really vulnerable.

“Many landlords have done a good job, consulting their tenants and making sure they are fully included and that their rights are protected. But some have been less good. Some have not consulted their tenants, and some have evicted their tenants. Some have changed the way their business operates so that farmers can’t farm anymore.

“That’s deeply concerning and that’s why I’ve presented a bill to Parliament today to bring in a Tenant Farming Commissioner – someone who can protect tenants against those landlords who would abuse their position.”

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  • George Dawes

    Lib dems ?

    Most useless party in the history of politics

    That flatulent windbag vince cable prattled on incessantly about business rates while in opposition, once he became business secretary he never mentioned it once


    He was also the Minister in charge of the Post Office and the sell off.

  • icon

    Agreed! Wind bag and waste of space.
    Also someone mentioned the Liberal party, who are they ?.

    George Dawes

    An obscure off shoot of the monster raving loonies ?

  • icon

    When did you last see a farmer on a bike? most seem to ride in Range Rovers round my way

  • icon

    Andrew, The Range Rovers are for doing the shopping but the bikes are now Quad Bikes to count the Cattle and round up the sheep, for anything else it’ll be John Deere the big green yokes.


    My 4 yr old grandson has a mini quad bike that he races around here on, local farmers don't like john deer tractors at all

  • icon

    Such hypocrisy the Bill is designed to financially Bankrupt Tenants isn’t that a proven fact forcing up their rents making them unaffordable a sharp rise of 20% / 30% then trying and blame the landlord.
    Well it doesn’t wash you’ll need to pay someone a lot more than £70k pa to get us to swallow that lie, of course we know the truth.


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