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Suspended Jail Term for landlord in contempt and harassment case

High profile landlord Fergus Wilson has been sentenced to six months in prison suspended for three years and ordered to pay £75,000 in costs.

He was found in contempt of court for breaching an injunction preventing him from continuing to harass staff and councillors at Ashford council in Kent.

The judgment was given at the end of last week by His Honour Judge Anthony Dunne KC, sitting as a judge of the High Court.


Ashford council had returned to the High Court in March alleging that Wilson, of Boughton Monchelsea near Maidstone, had continued to harass staff and councillors in breach of a previous court injunction.

The hearing in the High Court relates to an earlier case when the Council succeeded in obtaining an injunction restraining Wilson from harassing current and former officers, employees, councillors and agents. 

That earlier judgment required that the defendant only had contact with one senior officer at the Council.

In March His Honour Judge Dunne heard evidence from the authority that since the previous injunction was secured, Wilson has on multiple occasions continued to contact and harass staff and councillors on a range of issues. 

Wilson previously made the news after pledging to sell his 300-property buy to let portfolio after a series of court cases over his treatment of tenants.

In this latest case, Wilson represented himself in court.

Details of the previous High Court order can be found online.

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    I wish we could all be given one named contact at each Council who would be tasked with dealing with everything we require from that Council!

    I have a newly converted 3 bedroom flat in pristine condition, according to Glasgow HMO inspection officials, which is lying empty for a third month (during a major self inflicted housing crisis) while their colleagues in Licensing drag their heels in issuing its first HMO licence.

    When Glasgow first brought in HMO licences to allow 3 unrelated adults to share a rental property around 20 years ago, the property could be occupied by those same adults whilst awaiting the licence being issued.

    Now apparently, despite the glowing report from the inspection team, it's too dangerous to allow more than 2 unrelated adults to share it until a piece of paper has been issued!

    For me, it's far too dangerous - and actually ILLEGAL (under current Scottish legislation) to let it temporarily to TWO new tenants as I would be unable to have them removed or insist they allow a third tenant to join them once Glasgow Council eventually grants the belated HMO licence.

    Before the anti PRS legislation introduced by the SNP and their former little Green helpers in December 2017, I would have been able to grant a six month tenancy to 2 new tenants and thus be assured I could then let to 3 tenants when the HMO licence was granted. This right to agree a mutually acceptable 6 month tenancy period has been removed from all PRS landlords and tenants in Scotland - so a pristine 3 bedroom property languished empty whilst waiting on the laggards in Glasgow Council Licensing Department dealing with their backlog with their usual urgency and effectiveness.

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    and they have the gall to charge £1900 for a piece of paper and one inspection by a couple of HMO ` officers ` and the Fire Brigade Inspectors..no wonder there is a Housing crisis in Scotland


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