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Airbnb short lets banned by 2028 - could it happen here too?

The mayor of Barcelona has pledged to eliminate Airbnb-style short lets in the city within five years. 

Socialist Jaume Collboni claims he will not renew any of the 10,101 tourist licenses granted to landlords when they expire in November 2028. 

He says the properties - mostly advertised on Airbnb and similar platforms - would be available to locals instead. 


Collboni claims this would be "equivalent to building 10,000 new homes" and comes in response to rents becoming unaffordable after rising an estimated 70% over the past 10 years.

In recent months, thousands of activists have protested in Barcelona, the Balearics and the Canary Islands against the effects of mass tourism.

“More supply of housing is needed, and the measures we’re presenting today are to provide more supply so that the working middle class does not have to leave the city because they can’t afford housing.

“This measure will not change the situation from one day to the next. These problems take time. But with this measure we are marking a turning point” says Collboni.

Rents in Barcelona increased 14% in the past 12 months and are the highest in Spain according to Idealista, the country’s main property portal.

Some activists have criticised the move, saying 2028 is too far away to resolve the housing crisis; other more mainstream politicians have criticised the move for infringing property rights and resembling a dictatorship.

The Association of Tourist Apartments of Barcelona says the change would lead to flats being illegally let to tourists and was little more than a smokescreen for the failure of Collboni's housing policies. 

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  • Neil Moores

    The total opposite of what happens in England, where renting to holiday makers gives landlords tax relief on their properties that isn’t given if the properties are rented to families.


    Jeremy Hunt abolished the UK wide preferential tax treatment for furnished holiday lets in his last budget.

  • icon

    I don’t have any Airbnb’s but to an outsider, so to speak….. it does appear to have gotten way out of hand 🤔. What started off as renting a spare room ( in your own home) every now and again, has now turned into a wholesale change in direction of once standard landlords, thus making normal rental homes for people and families to live in into holiday let’s by the back 🚪 door…. Just my own view of something I don’t invest in.

  • John  Adams

    This type of arrangement has problems not least in the wild west nature of it - lots of other places now offer "Air BnB" but aren't part of the official website. In addition to which even when they are, permanent residents are being driven nuts by Parties, volume of arrivals and general antisocial behaviour.

    Far more regulation is needed as it's very unfair on Actual Guest Houses and Independent family hotels who have to comply with a myriad of Health & Safety regulations as you would rightly expect, but letting out your flat for Wimbledon and no one gives a rats.

  • icon

    It could happen here and might take the spotlight off the small landlords.


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