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Radical EPC Targets and Rent Controls are latest party pledges

Another raft of General Election pledges have been made to transform the private rental sector - this time from the Green Party.

The party says it has a target of four MPs in the next Parliament and says if elected they will push for:

- Rent controls “so local authorities can control rents if the rental market is unaffordable for many local people”;


- A new stable rental tenancy and an end to no-fault evictions “so tenants are secure in their homes and don’t have their lives turned upside down on the whim of their landlords”;

- A tenant’s right to demand energy efficiency improvements;

- So-called Private Residential Tenancy Boards “to provide an informal, cheap and speedy forum for resolving disputes before they reach a tribunal.”

Unsurprisingly the Greens put much emphasis on domestic energy efficiency and the party says: “Elected Greens will push for a local-authority-led, street-by-street retrofit programme to insulate our homes, provide clean heat and start to adapt our buildings to more extreme climate conditions.”

This would mean investment of £29 billion over the next five years to insulate homes to an EPC B standard or above; an additional £4 billion over the next five years to insulate other buildings; and £9 billion over the next five years for heat pumps and other low-carbon heating systems for homes and other buildings.

It would also want all new-build homes meet Passivhaus or equivalent standards and house builders include solar panels and heat pumps on all new properties.

The Green Party also pledges 150,000 new social homes every year through a mix of build and the purchase and refurbishment of older housing stock. Right To Buy would be scrapped for council tenants.

Rental activists have been quick off the mark to praise the Green Party's manifesto.

Dan Wilson Craw, deputy chief executive of Generation Rent, says: "We welcome their commitment to ending no-fault evictions and their recognition of the devastating impact they can have.

"Unaffordable rents are a huge driver of poverty and homelessness. Plans to help social landlords and community housing groups purchase and refurbish poorly-insulated homes and bring them into the social sector will mean more people made homeless will find a stable home, while also cutting carbon emissions.

"Powers for councils to control rents will be an important mechanism to slam the brakes on the wild rent rises that tenants are facing, keeping us in our homes and easing the pressure on our wallets. We hope the party will set out more details about how far councils could intervene."

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  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    EPC band B !! Sorry, what??


    Why not go all the way for Band A. The Green 🤮Party yesterday had a speaker who announced some tenants have to live with damp and mould. No evidence, of course, no further details, just another attack on landlords. 😡


    And the worse culprits as far as damp and mould is concerned, are social landlords not the PRS.

  • icon

    It’s so much off the Wall not worthy of a comment.

  • icon

    So how do they propose I deal with stone walled flat in Scotland or persuade the management company in Newcastle to increase the fees for all owners to insulate the block, particularly when most of the block is owner occupied and don't have to comply. Green party as usual have lovely ideas but zero practical solutions.


    They'd have you lose 10cm for insulation from the inside on any exterior walls. That'll bump up the EPC a bit. Never mind cramped conditions getting even more cramped! They'd have you swap out the windows for triple glazed. Heck of a prospect without scaffolding. But when the damp issues arise, they'll want moisture extraction and heat exchangers on that too - and somehow you'll have to find space for that in your ever shrinking living space. But hey, it'll be warm! - and expensive to run, but they'll soon fix that by adding a massive tax on gas to make electric more competitive - note I didn't say affordable. So, the bills go up, but the greens are happy.

  • icon

    There won’t be a private rental sector if these chumps get in!


    They won't just a joke party that will take some of the labour vote

  • icon

    Thankfully they not get in.

  • John  Adams

    I can wish all Cars were Lamborghinis, but the fact of the matter is you simply can't fit 596hp engine in a 1997 Micra. In the same way I can't stick a Heat Pump in a 1900 2 up 2 down mid terrace in Burnley. But what is more ludicrous is we're still letting estates go up that don't have Solar, Heat Pumps, Treble Glazing and Rain Harvesting as standard.

  • icon

    I am leaving the country if they ever get in. I shall turn off the lights on my way out!


    Tempted to hide in your suit case Margaret


    I’ve already left and won’t be rushing back!

  • Rob NorthWest-Landlord

    Leave the lights on, that'll annoy em more

  • icon
    • C P
    • 13 June 2024 08:16 AM

    Well, best way is to vote for the party that causes least damage is it.


    Yes but it's quite hard to work out who will do the least damage!! They all seem determined to destroy the PRS.

  • Rob NorthWest-Landlord

    I like this bit ... Rent controls “so local authorities can control rents if the rental market is unaffordable for many local people”;

    How many? Who is local? If rents are too high do you think the local authorities might have some of the blame?

    If you let council flats for £600 pcm in London where the market rate is near £2k then no one ever leaves, no one tries to get on the ladder, all sorts of illegal sub letting springs up, maintainance costs mean lots of empty homes etc ... but its all the fault of private landlords!! Legislation urgently needed!! Tax the bas*%^s !!

  • icon

    Band B … or ABOVE 😂😂 So band A then 🫣🫣 they should be locked up under the mental health act. 🏥

  • icon
    • A S
    • 13 June 2024 08:45 AM

    I can't wait for the Green Party conference this year, when the trans folk and the Islamist infiltrators have to put their heads together. I just hope they don't hold it on the top floor of a tall building!

  • icon

    How will Councils afford to pay for all the temporary housing they will need if either rent controls or EPC B became law?
    Unless the EPC algorithm is significantly tweaked it is impossible to reach EPC B on most houses. Even if theoretically possible usually planning laws or orientation of the house prevent it. There's no guarantee EPC A or B means lower heating bills. I live in a house with EPC A and the gas bill is higher than one of ours with a low EPC C.


    The Gov (labour) will step in with ‘emergency measures’ ie an eviction ban. Thus completing the ‘sequestration process’
    The ‘lock in’ will be a/ Increased CGT, b/ ‘emergency measures’ - eviction ban. c/ devolved powers for LA’s to impose rent controls.
    Sell while you still can!

  • icon
    • C P
    • 13 June 2024 12:47 PM

    I ask myself what is the point of making a decent living when you have political parties trying to tax us more and more.

    Might as well join the benefit squad. less stress all together.

  • Jeevan Manandhar

    The green party may as well rebrand to the lunatic party. Completely detached from reality.


    Or merge with the Limp Dums.

  • George Dawes

    Next week monster raving loony party announce free houses for everyone as long as they’re wearing a strait jacket or vote green party

  • icon
    • C P
    • 13 June 2024 16:42 PM

    Never before have we seen such derrière " Policies" or political parties trying to destroy our country.

    The green fairy party, is, well just that.

    Ed, good old Ed Davis is making a monkey the whole process as he know they will never ever, ever be in charge of UK. but happy make a fool of himself.

    Labour, you mean the “Socialist” party is back in pinstripe suits, or is the UK reform parties job, that.

    Tories just running around with the hands up in the air, like those American inflatable mascots you see at car dealers there.

  • icon

    Is Gibbo a Green Party member?

  • icon

    Total morons.

    Nothing Britain can do about climate change. Bankrupting people with useless heat pumps which cost 10 times the price of boilers will have zero impact on the environment. Yet these mentally ill imbeciles keep repeating their illogical nonsense that the British people should suffer massive costs and freeze to death.

    Thankfully these lunatics will be on the fringes.

    I'm more worried about labour because their illiteracy is not far behind. Only Reform have any common sense.

  • icon

    I lost the Greens at "EPC B"


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