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HMO Neglect leads to Five Figure Fine for landlord

The owners of a large HMO in London have been fined £13,500 after failing to repair multiple hazards within their property.

A series of Improvement Notices under the Housing Act 2004 were issued to the landlords in Haringey after severe hazards were identified throughout the property, including communal areas.

Additionally, four out of the eight flats within the property were found to be affected with damp and mould, posing significant health risks to those living the property.


Despite receiving multiple warnings, the landlords failed to take the necessary actions to address these issues. 

Their continued failure resulted in a Civil Penalty Notice totalling £13,500.

A Haringey council spokesperson says: “This case highlights the importance of maintaining safe living conditions for all residents.

“Our incredible enforcement team are working tirelessly to ensure landlords in Haringey meet their legal obligations.

“We will continue to take robust action against those who neglect their responsibilities and enforce the law to protect tenants' rights and wellbeing.”

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    I have little sympathy for landlords who end up being fined after being warned on numerous occasions, if this is correct and I am sceptical, as we have not heard the landlords side of the story. We never do, why is a mystery to me as both sides of the story should be given.

    However, what is the point of fining the landlord? Will this help the tenant? No! What the tenant wants is the repair done which if the American model is followed the tenant can carry out the repair and deduct it from the rent or the council do the repair and charge the landlord. They do not fine or prosecute landlords .Anyone who has had any dealings with the council’s maintenance teams will know they charge at least three times as much to do works, so in effect a lazy or incompetent landlord will be punished. The result - help the tenant when they need it rather than this continuous expensive landlord bashing and crowing. It takes council and enormous amount of time and money to fine landlords.

    What is the results of these draconian fines on landlords? My observation is landlords when fined sell up so reducing the supply of accommodation. Is it better to live in a cardboard box on the street or a badly maintain property which tenants should take some responsibility to maintain. If they owned their own house, it would be their responsibility to maintain it. The current government seems to wants to encourage responsibility with tenants and it is the justification for paying universal credit directly to tenant yet in my experience is 80% of the tenants who receive the rent element of universal credit keep it. The government wants to encourage homeownership, they could start with tenants taking responsibility for their rented property. Tenants are already by law required to look after their rented property. It is only a small step to doing the maintenance if the landlord fails to do so.

    Finally, the hypocrisy of council fining landlords when their own council housing is often in far worse condition and they take far longer than they give private landlords to attend to repairs yet the social sector receives massive subsidies which if the subsidies were factored into the rents which show the social sector provides housing at a far higher cost than thecprivate sector.
    Jim Haliburton
    The HMO Daddy

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    Danp & mould, likely that just needed a window opening


    Yes, we all know that 9 times out of ten damp and mould are to do with ventilation and condensation. And I'm sure most of us have battled in vain to educate tenants on the issue to no avail.

    That's ok, just fine the landlord for it.

    It never ceases to amaze how quick people on here are to shoot 'their own' when only hearing a one sided story and not being equipped with a detailed rounded story when we are all fully only too aware
    of how anti landlord stories are spun in the media.

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    Articles like this shouldn’t be published without properly referencing both sides of the issue.


    There are always 2 sides to a story like this but as normal we only get to hear 1 side

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    Surely not both sides of the issues. S.24 for one side.
    No HMO license if more than 3 Flats in the Block,
    What so now you are telling me multi story is safer than normal 2/3 story houses. I know which one I would prefer to be in, in an emergency.

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    Most Maintenance is usually for something that got misused or broken, if you don’t break it, it won’t need fixing .
    The other day the call me the WM is making a racket this is the second new one in a couple of years. I checked the drum and the bearing is ok, then the filter 10 small coins, hair grips, paper clips not exaggerating gummed up with fluff built up as couldn’t as couldn’t be pumped out. Another house 7 broken switched Socket outlets how on earth could this happen whether chucking the plug out of the wall by the lead of what beats me, never broke one myself.
    Henry vacuum cleaners are great still better than ones costing double or triple times as much, they don’t empty full up pipes and all stuffed, where do they think it all goes.



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