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Landlord fails in appeal against HMO licensing conviction

Somerset council last year successfully prosecuted a Taunton landlord for bfailing to licence their various properties. 

The landlord since appealed their conviction and sentence, but now at Worle Crown Court, a judge dismissed the appeal.

In a statement, the Judge was clear that the landlord was operating eight HMO properties without a licence, and continues to do so without a reasonable excuse, therefore the guilty conviction is valid and stands.


The Judge adjourned the Crown Court to August for another hearing to review the sentence imposed at the Magistrates court, so they can fully investigate the landlord’s financial situation to ensure the sentence is proportionate.

A statement from Somerset council says it “has a responsibility to protect tenants and ensure homes are safe, and the Council’s statutory duties allow it to take robust action when landlords are not adhering to the law.”

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    Not very clever from the Landlord not to comply and I'll advised to appeal.. Mind you, we don't know how much the fine was.. Probably extortionate..

    As to "has a responsibility to protect tenants and ensure homes are safe,"..
    This is utter BS.. they just want the money. As an HMO landlord paying for four licences, I am happy to confirm that they have no interest in "inspecting " once they have pocketed the money.

    The only achievement of this case is that the Council will have made the tenants homeless uf the fine is extortionate (which I suspect it is).

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    Deamed guilty before even entering the court room, all stinks doesn't it


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