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NRLA ‘ready to work with Labour’ on new Rental Reform Bill

The National Residential Landlords Association says it’s ready and willing to work with a future Labour government on private rental sector reform.

The party yesterday pledged to resuscitate many of the measures contained in the Tories’ Renters Reform Bill before it was abandoned ahead of the election.

The Labour manifesto says: “Labour will legislate where the Conservatives have failed, overhauling the regulation of the private rented sector. We will immediately abolish Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions, prevent private renters being exploited and discriminated against, empower them to challenge unreasonable rent increases, and take steps to decisively raise standards, including extending ‘Awaab’s Law’ to the private sector.”


Responding to this, NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle comments: “All of the main parties are committed to ending section 21. What matters is ensuring the replacement system works, and is fair, to both renters and responsible landlords.

“Given this, we agree with the Shadow Housing Minister who has argued that landlords need robust grounds for possessions in legitimate circumstances, and they need the system to operate quickly when they do.’

“We stand ready to work constructively with a potential Labour Government to achieve this and ensure a smooth transition to the new system. This needs to include giving the sector time to properly prepare for it.”

The reference to the shadow minister refers to a comment made in April at the Report Stage of the Tories’ Renters Reform Bill when Labour’s Matthew Pennycook says: “Landlords need robust grounds for possessions in legitimate circumstances, and they need the system to operate quickly when they do.”

Other voices in the lettings industry have also commented on Sir Kier Starmer’s policies for government, should Labour win on July 4.

Neil Cobbold, commercial director of Reapit | PayProp, says: “It’s encouraging to see Labour focus on the undersupply of properties, which is at least partly responsible for the high cost of buying and renting. Building 1.5m new homes for sale and social rent, reforming planning laws, and appointing 300 additional planning officers will help, but construction on this scale will also take time to deliver. 

“… It is no surprise to see continued support for the abolition of Section 21 in the Labour manifesto. However, as we’ve argued before, immediately abolishing it without first reforming the court systems and creating new grounds under Section 8 will trouble landlords, which may further escalate prices as stock is withdrawn. We look forward to seeing details around Labour’s plans to ensure private rented sector properties meet minimum energy efficiency standards by 2030 – including what financing will be available.”

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    If the NRLA is going to continue to purportedly represent landlords, then at least have somebody trained in negotiation to do that.

    You do not negotiate by immediately adopting the position of the other party.

    The politicians need to be aware of the truth, too. A huge number of landlords will pull out of the private rental sector if they can only offer indefinite tenancies. That is not good for tenants and it is not good for the country, and nor is it good for the Government who is trying to prevent homelessness, not cause it.

    There needs to be the option of fixed term tenancies which correspond to the needs of different groups of tenants, and which will give landlords confidence that they retain control of their properties. Without control of property, it is wiser to sell it.

    Rob NorthWest-Landlord

    I can see it being good for tenants in the short term only. Landlords will reduce in numbers over time, rents will go up.

    If the government said all McDonalds restaurants had to provide free food on demand to anyone on benefits you could argue it was great for those on benefits, but how long do you think it would last before they closed, or re-branded as something else.

    Then where would they be in this cost of living crisis!! No more McD's even with all the delivery services they use!!


    Taking McDonald’s example, if they got £multi billion govt contract for 10 years with Liebour, Lib Dem’s or another socialist communist party, they will accept it just as the Freeloader tenants would love free accommodation paid for by PRS LL’s. Remember PPE, NHS (Sopra Steria), DWP, Govt Cyber Security being outsourced to private companies in lucrative multi billion contracts.

    Neither Labour, nor Conservatives or Lib Dem’s are getting my, family and associates votes. Our votes are for Britain First or Reform U.K. to put Great Britain first as well as PRS LL’s and self employed contractors to work outside IR35, only promised by Reform.

    NRLA is doomed by default due to decisions of collaboration with Liebour, their policies are for all rental properties to be owned, controlled and managed by councils and Khan’s associates-NRLA won’t be required anyway due to there being no PRS LL’s, only Social rented homes. NRLA need to start fierce campaigns to support PRS LL’s with expedited low cost evictions of rogue tenants, and recovery of LL costs, tax rebates to maintain safe properties and make it a profitable business otherwise no need for NELA to exist, they might as well close their business, join shelter and other anti PRS LL organisations.

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    Just out of interest 🤔 whilst all this bending over 👄 and working together is taking place…. How exactly do landlords get their property back if they wish to sell AFTER Labour have immediately banned s21 on day 1 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • icon

    No stopping them they are the cancer of private sector housing.
    Section 21 is the very foundation of all private letting before which it didn’t exist do you not get that NRLA, (or you either).
    Then this Multitude of Organisations that grew on the backs of Private Landlords who created the Business out of nothing.
    The annoying thing is most weren’t even there, new comers now shouting from the rooftops how everything should, many are letting Agents one in particular colluding with NRLA.
    Who are all great at inventing Schemes that you must join to feather multiple money streams side kicks for themselves.
    It’s bad enough to have been fighting off Shelter and mob of new comers that weren’t even there 20 years ago never mind the formation.

  • icon

    The NRLA should realise that they are not representing landlords if they promote, in any way, the removal of the Section 21 provision. The ability to get ones property back, if deemed necessary by the landlord, is a key element in the tenant/landlord relationship. In my view it is not negotiable.

  • James B

    Beadle means he happy for work for Labour, not with, and ensure tenants are protected 🙄

  • icon

    Mr Pennycook also said he wants a hardship test. So if a tenant will be in hardship if evicted we can't have our house back! And NRLA want to cooperate with that.
    We may not be "hard up" but we will be if all our tenants leave us 10-12 thousand down like the one we just evicted.
    Words fail really.

  • icon

    NRLA should be Campaigning for stopping Licensing Schemes that has cost me tens of thousands directly and indirectly. Licensing conditions which also removes all landlords rights 100% do you not understand that yet. Then we have our own Organisation instead of supporting us actively plotting to undermine us by backing the Removal of Section 21,
    It was a sad day NLA members got hoodwinked into amalgamation with RLA further making Mr Ben Beadle CEO working against Landlords interests.
    Come back Mr Richard Lambert you were far better than this lot by a Country mile .

  • icon

    NRLA ready to stab its members in the back then. Really great news!!


    Surely you don’t still believe that the NRLA defends their members?😱
    They are all about making money with their various schemes.😠

  • David Saunders

    Goodbye PRS that's all she wrote

  • icon

    Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that Labour have already won the election, they have not. The poles have been suggesting that Labour will win, but who are they poling? Nobody I know has been poled. The poles have been wrong in the past, where and when are they carrying out these pole have have a massive effect on the date. I have never seen anyone out poling anybody. If you pole in a town centre on a weekday morning, who are you going to be poling, the unemployed, those with nothing to do all day, those on benefits? Its certainly not the working man, working middle class, private sector LL is it, they are busy. If you pole by phone who answers calls from an unknown caller anymore, my home phone only ever gets calls from scammers these days so I don't bother to answer it, anyone I work with or need to talk to calls my mobile number.

    So the statement that the NRLA "says it’s ready and willing to work with a future Labour government on private rental sector reform" is premature.

    Just the suggestion of the RRB had many LL's selling up, if what ever party gets into power moves aggressively to undermine LL rights, the LL sell up will become a flood. The actions of the SNP in Scotland aimed at protecting tenants should be a clear warning of the unintended consequences of aggressive anti LL government action, as these had the opposite effect costing tenants and reducing rental property supply.

    The Reform party has surged in the poles over the last week, the question is why? I would suggest it because people are starting to think long and hard about what a labour government really means, high taxes, more government red tape, increased benefits bill, more illegal immigration, the country held to ransom by unions, the 3 day week, the winter of discontent, the selling off of the countries gold reserves, raids on pensions, etc.

    Hopefully the improving poles of The Reform Party will be sending a very clear message that the conservative party needs to stop its move to the left and return to real conservative values. Lower taxes, less government, less red tape, less benefits, better condition to encourage investment, easier planning regulations, more building, better infrastructure.


    Just remember all the polls for the Brexit referendum! 😉 Every one was adamant that Remain would win. Even Nigel Farage was convinced that he had lost the fight. It turned out a lot of voters were, as the phrase goes, keeping their powder dry. Despite the MSM doing their best to talk down REFORM, the usual cries of a vote for REFORM is a vote for Labour, they are riding in the polls. 😀 We know they will not overtake Labour, but they could, I hope, become the official opposition.🤞


    Was it 1996 Major-v-Kinnock ,labour were sure to win but they didn't, isn't Starmer much like Kinnock, just a wind bag,' it's not over until that fat lady sings', as the saying goes


    Andrew, I wasn't aware that Lady Nugee could sing.


    I have never followed the poles, however the Tories have been so moronic and untrustworthy that they have got their voters to revolt against them. The only people i hear whom will vote Tory is the ones whom don't want Labour. I hear a lot of work colleagues whom are hugely in favour of Labour!
    Reform is my choice, I have gone out and put leaflets through doors and will continue to do so and I have also donated funds to the Party, a modest amount I would add.
    I am sick and tired of these 2 parties. I turn 60 next year and in the main these 2 parties have done very little for this country in my experience for the past 30 years, despite some good starts. In the past I have voted both blue and red.
    We are too soft a target for either of these parties and I do not see a good future for the PRS under either of them.

    Zoe S

    Bruce - Hope your optimism regarding the poles is correct.
    I was also of the same view as yourself, but slimy Starmer is doing a good job preying on the kind of people us LLS avoid taking on as tenants.
    For all our sakes let’s hope the Conservatives miraculously turn it around!

  • icon

    The two main political parties are both useless, but the Marxist Labour party is dangerous.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    "Ready to work with" translation "work FOR". Mr B will flex and bend in ANY direction to be seen at the Table.

  • icon

    NRLA - your craven acceptance of this "woke lobby" policy proposal is deeply troublesome to this landlord. I could put it stronger.

  • icon

    Ol well then my local authority are going to have to deal with phone calls regarding foxes in the back garden, and phone calls saying the changing of light bulbs should be my responsibility, customers trying to say they can no longer provide a guarantor which will void my rent guarantee insurance policy and customers giving me doctors sick notes saying they won’t allow viewings of the property until they have vacated the property because it may adversely affect their mental health (which caused me a void period) and having to buy customers clothes horses so they stop drying clothes on radiators.
    My days of baby sitting grown up’s on behalf of the local authority will be coming to an end once S21 is abolished.

  • icon

    THIS is why I am leaving NRLA. Sucking up to a party that hasn't even got in yet.
    And agreeing to what I would say the majority of the NRLA's members most definitely not agree with.
    Has the NRLA ever asked us our opinion on any important matter?
    Nope, Ben just ignores its members who keep him in a comfortable lifestyle.
    We NEED the NRLA to be asking us our views on any important matter, or you find membership will absolutely collapse.
    As really is the NRLA an association for Landlords, if we pay up but are ignored?

  • icon

    Andrew he was expected to win maybe ‘92 he moved into Ealing nice corner House a few hundred yards from my first House that I built 72/73 while living in a rented room, still have it they’d be hefty capital gains on that one, they are not able to do anything for themselves those days. They want to steal yours. I had only hand tools no electric and cordless not invented I still know what a nail is for that were use for hundreds of years.
    We might have a coalition Government Reform & Conservatives does that sound daft.

  • George Dawes

    I stopped reading at the word work

    As if any of this useless lot have ever done a decent days ever

  • icon

    If we thought the last RRB was bad labours own version will be lot WORSE.

  • icon

    YOU MEAN NRLA version 👍

  • Zoe S

    There’s no one really out there supporting PRS landlords!

  • icon

    Well it seems the Councils are in breach of the Law with Selective Licensing saying they are introducing it under their powers of Section 80 of the 2004 Act but they didn’t have that power or Mr Michael Gove to power to give it under the Act., are they making their own laws.

  • icon

    A Selective license Scheme can ONLY be introduced “if there are problems with low housing demand or significant and persistent problems of Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) linked to the Private Rented Homes in that AREA”
    So Ealing brings it in to 3 supposedly bad areas in June if my memory serves me right, then Mr Gove comes along and says why not make it Borough wide beyond his remit, or scrap the Elections. Then the Council turns around later same year about October and brings it into another 10 Wards which started 3rd January this year. Come on now that is a fraud on landlords, which of those Wards fits the Act are you telling me they are all bad areas did you not know Ealing is The Queen of the Suburbs, terrible Behaviour..

  • icon

    Selective Licensing of whole Areas should be the exception not the norm. Gove has been rubber stamping whole area licensing with little or no evidence .

    How can whole areas be fit the criteria , And if they do should the Councils , and the Police Commissioners resign. As they are clearly not fit for purpose.

  • icon

    Only for 3 parts of a Borough and only if they are problem areas and low housing.demand, there is demand they can’t be serious.
    I have had Selective licensing in an Area they repeatedly ear marked before in the past in Acton. So it’s nothing new to me
    to have suffered the consequences.

  • icon

    Sure as eggs is eggs the NRLA will continue to 'sell private landlords down the river'. Until their members actively revolt, they will only go on making a handsome profit from the PRS's demise. Wake up NRLA membership!


    The membership are waking up and voting with their feet. Later in the year my membership expires and WILL NOT BE RENEWED.


    I don't understand why anyone would want to be a member of this outfit, I'm a member of a local landlord assoc, Eastern Landlords Assoc here in Norwich


    @Andrew Townshend - I often see members of online forums such as Landlords UK recommending that less experienced Landlords join the NRLA - I do wonder sometimes if it is the NRLA promoting their own business- I have often been tempted to point out that there are excellent Landlord Associations out there such as IHOWZ (or local LL assocs) who actually stand up for Landlords and provide good Landlord services rather than Beadle and his bunch of cronies who are selling us down the river whilst lining their own pockets

  • icon

    I can tell you why Andrew because we got led down the garden path with insurance Policies, for 25/30 years I had all my Policies with the Co op Insurance, then they started all this Mulatkey that it had to be specialist landlords Insurance and told our Co-op Policy’s weren't sufficient anymore that’s why.
    I don’t know how the Co-op Insurance were prepared to losall this Business they should have adapted the Policy’s to suit. I think they were sold down the river an established Company that you could trust I think, at the same time I never had a claim off either in over 50 years so I don’t know if any are any good all I know is they are £600/7000/800, pa each & 12% of that is premium tax. It’s a lot of dosh for the privilege of keeping the doss and be classed as a Criminal landlord it used to be a Civil Matter but that didn’t blacken us enough.

  • icon

    If only they would work with REFORM.

    In Landlordzone today:
    Reform UK wants mortgage interest tax relief brought back as part of ‘critical reforms’ the party believes are needed in the first 100 days following the general election.
    Although their manifesto isn’t due to be published until Monday, a working draft titled ‘Our contract with you’ outlines some sweeping changes that would impact the PRS, including scrapping Section 24 tax changes to encourage smaller landlords into the rental market.

    They would also abolish the Renters (Reform) Bill, insisting that existing laws are adequate to address bad practices, along with improving the monitoring, appeals and enforcement process.


    Their policies would help tenants, even more than they would help landlords.

  • icon

    Decided to join IHowz hopefully more of us will decide to too.
    Im long done with the pathetic NRLA. Lets start a movement to IHowz and get building an alternative that works FOR the PRS.

  • icon

    Sorry for the rant but every government party is anti landlord. No idea about Reform, but I refuse to vote for Farge. I think I can safely say that this year is going to be my last year of NRLA membership.

    Beedle is selling us all out to whatever government is in power. Guess he is just trying to look after his own job.

    End of S21 is bad, but I've never needed to use it yet. If he gets in bed with Labour and agrees to EPC C, then I'm out of the NRLA.

    All of my houses are either a C or a D. The ones that are still a D is because it's not economically viable to make them a C due to construction type, May work with houses in the South but in the North of England, you are talking 3 years worth of rent per house to get them from a D to a C. I've already done what is economically possible. so I will have no choice but to sell them. And will sell with vacant possession and let the tenants know why. (some have already been informed since EPC C was first introduced).

    The money I had put aside to buy a few more houses is now locked away in 12 months savings accounts, so there's a few more rentals off the market, probably what the government wants. Would love to see how much their housing costs goes up when the PRS sell off.

    For this I will abandon the NRLA. Why should I sponsor someone that is working against landlords and in bed with whatever government is in power and bowing to Shelter and generation Rant, etc. They have enough sponsors without the NRLA sponsoring them.

    Guess Labour want to increase capital gains tax to stop people selling so that the last remaining PRS tenants have a house until court eviction.

    The tories have done their best to decimate the PRS, Labour will end it.

    So Sad for me as I was intending to hang on to my houses for a few more years before selling them.


    Sorry to say it, but the way things are going you may well not be allowed to sell them! Yes, it’s called ‘sequestration’ and its very close!


    An amendment was added to the Renters (Reform) Bill that would prevent landlords selling a property for two years after a tenancy has begun. The rule would only apply to landlords wishing to sell a property or move back into it as introduced by Labour’s shadow housing secretary Matthew Pennycook - yes, him with the smug g*t grin.

    We have been warned.

    PS: G*T ia apprently a swear word. The I has been replaced with * stop Graham clutcching his pearls and fainting!


    @D Duck - You may hate Farage but the party is more than one man - their proposed manifesto or contract specifically says it will reverse S24 and is against the RRB - before refusing to consider them do take the time to read the manifesto

    I took the time to meet our local candidate kabeer Kher and found him to be unassuming and grounded and approachable with a common sense approach and his views really did reflect my beliefs in that he is for a merit based ie not colour or s*x but on who someone is rather than divisive woke society driven by woke positive discrimination.


    I not only met our local candidate. I nominated him.


    @annoyed Landlord - brilliant - well done!

  • icon

    AJR, you are probably correct there. Then we are back to pre Maggie Thatchers day? Stuck with tenants until they leave and with no other PRS houses and the government not building any more houses, they will never leave.

    If I was a wise man, I'd have sold all of my houses by now.

    Unfortunately, I'm still hoping for a miracle, which is never going to happen.

    I may have to just keep all of my houses until I die as selling will cost too much in tax.

    Either rents will have to go up to pay for this or I will just have to keep them empty for a few years.
    I have no mortgages so the ones that meet an EPC C will pay for them and I can look at house prices increases before selling ( and hopefully Labour getting kicked out)

  • icon

    We can be sure that with a 2 trillion £ deficit, no Gov can commit the money required to even scratch the surface of the housing crises.
    Regrettably I think, the only realistic position they can take is to ‘lock in’ and continue to rob Private Landlords simply to mitigate some of the homelessness disaster which is now unavoidable.


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