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Over 40 tenants compete for every Gumtree rental in key towns

Some locations in the UK are seeing as many as 40-plus prospective tenants racing for the keys of every available rental property.

A report by website Gumtree suggests that Luton in Bedfordshire is the UK’s rental hotspot - with 49 people for every home up for rent. 

Reading, Sheffield, Newcastle and Bournemouth make up the top five according to the data.


Southampton, Edinburgh’s Royal Mile region, Longsight in Manchester, Cumbernauld in Dunbartonshire, and Droylsden in Greater Manchester were also in the top 10. 

The data was released as part of a new analysis into the rental crisis conducted by the website along with property firm House Buy Fast. 

Trends expert Hannah Rouch from Gumtree says: “The demand for good quality rental properties is at a critical level and shows no sign of reducing. Gumtree’s data indicates that the rental market is under huge pressure, with home hunters competing against tens of others as soon as listings are posted. 

“Importantly, the shortage of available rental properties is spread across the UK - this isn’t an issue that is confined to our largest cities. With many people struggling to financially make ends meet, it is crucial that more affordable rental options are brought onto the market to meet increasing consumer demand.”

The figures come in the wake of recent data that shows how the number of properties available to rent has plummeted by almost half due to landlords selling up.

In total, 163,000 privately rented properties disappeared from the market between 2019 and the end of 2023 as the number of landlords selling up outstripped purchases.

Long-term shortages of housing stock have been blamed for driving up rents. Last year, tenants renewing an existing contract saw their rental payments jump by 8.3%, bringing the average up to £1,151 per month.

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  • icon

    Some rubbish I don’t believe any of this nonsense, yesterday it was supposed to be 15 and today it’s 40.
    Do those perspective Tenants visit the property like the old days which was real or put their name down with an Agent or sit on their bum on the iPhone looking to see what is on the Market

  • icon

    Its a bit like when Shelter alleged 43% of Deposits were with held by landlords to get Deposit Schemes introduced in 2007, it later turned out to be less than 2%..
    A bit similar to the reason given to scrap Section 21, not used very much apart from breach of contract until Mr Michael Gove started the so called Renters Reform Bill fraud on landlords.
    Those are some of the deliberate causes of homelessness, housing shortage and tents on the pavement unsafe laws by the people on the sidelines with no input..

  • icon

    “ It is crucial that more affordable rental options are brought onto the market to meet increasing consumer demand.” - I have an idea 💡, given how many of us are running 🏃‍♂️ for the hills and selling up….. I suggest the government make a deal with a national outdoor company, and invest heavily in TENTS 🏕 😂

    • A S
    • 13 June 2024 08:39 AM

    Maybe there's a business opportunity here - convert all the rubber dinghies coming in to the country into tent material. Fortune to be made and a never ending supply of material (unfortunately)!

  • John  Adams

    Well I had two properties up, both of them had agreements signed after seeing the Builders van outside doing a bit of freshen up. The situation will get worse the more these activists drive out landlords and unemployment will rise, because if you live on one side of the country and get chance of a job the other, how do you move home in time for a job offer starting next month? - if you own your own house it can take a year to sell, and literally years to get social housing. Private Landlords are the only way to offer flexibility and growth in the economy, but these activists can't understand what Norman Tebbit once said of Get on you're bike wasn't an insult but a fact.

  • David Hollands

    All the private landlords are selling up.
    The changes will mean private landlords are taxed on their turnover, unlike every other business in the country which is taxed on profit. This will likely force a large number of landlords to increase rent levels to prevent bankruptcy or sell, reducing much needed housing supply.

    John  Adams

    In their magical world a landlord selling means that there is a new home, they don't seem to grasp the concept that were did the family living in it go...Were not Italy with empty mountain villages, were the UK with a rapidly increasing population and no one building anything.


    Landlords ARE currently taxed on turnover, certainly in Scotland! It’s absolutely obscene!!

  • Rob NorthWest-Landlord

    Does any landlord on here use Gumtree to advertise property? I thought it was just for frauds and scams :)

    Now what should I do with the rest of the morning ... I know, I'll section 21 some great tenants just for the hell of it.


    I had the same thought about Gumtree. I guess when we use OpenRent they put the property on Gumtree as well as Rightmove, Zoopla, etc. While lots of applicants mention they saw the advert on Rightmove I can't remember the last time anyone mentioned Gumtree.


    Maybe the dodgy subletters use Gumtree?

  • icon

    It has never occurred to me to use Gumtree!

  • icon

    Well, I have used gumtree in the past and actually it was OK. No worse than other platforms. The scams are mainly on facebook I think. I hadn't had any vacant properties for a while, but one came up last year. So I did my usual sort of gumtree advert. There were more than 40 enquiries, and in the end I swapped over to openrent. The main reason being, gumtree has changed, and they now limit the number of messages you can have per listing, so it was no use.

  • icon

    Never use Scumtree. Only apps you get are from dss trampoline/dog owners running away from the debt collectors knocking on their door just waiting to ruin your house.

    Editor- remove this post if it offends but it’s true

  • icon

    This would not surprise me at all.

    Had a call from an ex tenant of mine yesterday asking if I had anything for her parents who were coming to the UK shortly from South America. She said they needed a private landlord as agents wouldn’t entertain them.

    I believe many tenants like this would use GumTree. Potentially no checks/references.

    Dodgy tenants and dodgy landlords

  • George Dawes

    Who on earth uses gumtree ?

    If you’re looking for a part for an old bicycle maybe , but something important like renting a property ?



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