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Yet More Licensing: another council consults on two schemes

A consultation on a new licensing scheme has been launched by Reading council.

The consultation will look at extending the current HMO licensing scheme across Reading, as well as introducing a targeted scheme to three specific wards which will cover all private rental properties.

The council claims the implementation of an additional HMO licensing scheme borough-wide, alongside the phased implementation of a selective licensing system, “aims to drive up conditions for tenants and improve the housing stock.”


In Reading there are currently more than 1,400 HMOs licensed under the current mandatory scheme.

The scheme the council is consulting on proposes extending HMO licensing to HMOs with three or four occupants.

A spokesperson for the council says: “We want to hear from tenants and landlords about our proposals and whether this will help drive change and provide better homes for our residents. National evidence shows that good homes have positive impacts on physical and mental health and for families and better educational outcomes.

“We want to ensure that all our private rented sector is safe for tenants. The proposed scheme will help with that aim, as we widen the area of inspection in terms of housing which will go beyond the mandatory scheme.

“We are asking tenants, landlords and any other interested parties for their feedback on the scheme and how it could be implemented. We will then assess their views. If we go ahead with the proposed plan, we will be looking at implementing the scheme in a phased approach from Spring 2025.”

The consultation will run until early September. You can see details here www.reading.gov.uk/housing/private-renting.

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    More rent rises for tenants!


    Until Labour bring in a rent freeze.


    Raise them now - just in case!

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    Yep yo all above. These licences are just a f in con. They not make a difference . Cos councils ain’t got the msn power to go round anyways . It’s money for the empty coffers and buy the selected few a bonus.

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    I think i'd read that as:
    The council claims the implementation of an additional HMO licensing scheme borough-wide, alongside the phased implementation of a selective licensing system,
    “aims to drive up rents for tenants and reduce the housing stock.”

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    Same old ‘state sponsored theft’ with the usual dire consequences. Rents up, rental homes down, homelessness up, costs to LA’s up.
    Completely dumb dimwits!

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    Don't they realise that problem landlords don't obtain licenses.. it's just a cash grab and tax on he honest and responsible ones with the consequence that rents are forced to go up. Between certificates high mortgage interest licenses repairs an so on well all be bankrupt soon or fleeing the market in spite of CGT. I was 8 years in to my licensing with Newham in East London before they finally inspected, so what are we paying for ?

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    Make no mistake we are being systematically replaced, so much evidence around.
    Have you seen Sea Container City in the middle of Hanger Lane, Gyratory but no not really, only about 600 Flats/Flat lets/Student Accommodation/ maybe Rooms to let in disguise, up to 4 allowed per room with bathroom & kitchenette or by any other name you want to call them to be Compliant with Regulations that’ll be grand, forget about HMO’s won’t apply as long as it’s damaging PRS. What a monstrosity in the middle of the roundabout over bearing on my property near by. There are hundreds of Shipping Container type steel units incorporated into the design sacked on top of each other what a flimsy structure in my Construction view, double Basement, RSJ’’s / UB’s supporting ground floor with thick reinforced Concrete Slab the base for stacking all those units on top maybe 15 stories, Goodness me a disaster waiting to happen. What a lovely green recreational space it was before being sold off at Auction for buttons, I have the pictures of how it was before, new boys on the Block making a killing. I regress.

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    And where are the NRLA?? What have they done to support landlords in this? The worse it gets the quieter they become. Time for an Association that has a voice and stands up for members, we certainly don't have one now.

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    NRLA are MIA.


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