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Green Party wants planning consent hurdle for Airbnbs and HMOs

A Green councillor in a city which has a Green MP is calling for the local authority to require planning consent before landlords and home owners can use their properties for Airbnb-style short lets.

Local media in Brighton says councillor Ellen McLeay plans to propose a motion on the subject at a meeting of the city council tomorrow, on how the council can use its planning powers to control short lets. 

She wants the council to use Article 4 Direction powers to control properties used for short lets or as HMOs.


The Brighton and Hove News says McLeay also plans to ask council leader Bella Sankey to write to the government asking for all councils to have the power to regulate short-term lets and ensure any loopholes are closed.

Another Green councillor in Brighton, Chloe Goldsmith, is quoted as saying: “As a renter myself and councillor for a ward with a high proportion of renters, I understand that this is just one of many problems with the housing market in our city but it’s one which we need to tackle as soon as possible.

“The outgoing Tory government never fulfilled its promise to give councils the powers to regulate short-term lets. But I hope this Labour government will – and the council should begin the initial work now to ensure we are ready to implement these regulations as soon as possible.”

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    I would have thought HMO’s are needed.


    Probably varies across different areas, but locally there seems to be more of a shortfall in self contained accommodation than HMO's. Or at least more people asking for their own flat than people asking about rooms.

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    WL - So where will the single men who are migrants live?



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    My reply to the Green Party is 🤮

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    I think the demand for HMO’s will increase when Council Tax increases as not all tenants will be able to afford self contained flats. CT will rise dramatically to fund the building of social housing. Actually I have noticed a high number of HMO’s being sold off. The Corporates will be around with their “co-living” offerings!

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    They will be all HMO’s or licensed anyway whether Flats or Houses just more expensive because of the licensing Scheme.
    The one point I was waiting for someone to address including NRLA but no one did.
    When a Property is let to a group joint & several / one Contract, when one gives notice the contract is finished.
    There is no Contract you have no liability to anyone else so they are not sitting Tenants, or if they leave one by one (not allowed) and one is left is he a sitting Tenant responsible for all the Rent.
    Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to those stupid people they will now make another crack handed amendment.


    Michael - Yes we certainly don’t want the sharers’s contract changed. At the moment when one gives notice as I understand it (I am not an expert on this) the contract ends and they are all deemed to have given notice. So presumably there would be no sitting tenants but who knows! I believe Scotland tried to amend it.


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