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Higher rents a “positive impact” of licensing, claims Labour council

Salford council has launched a consultation on whether private housing landlords in parts of Broughton and Kersal should require a selective licence.

And it says a “positive impact” of past licensing has been “increasing average rent levels”.
It would cover approximately 1,340 properties in parts of Broughton and the Kersal and Broughton Park wards and cover the same area and streets as the previous scheme, which ended in 2021.
A council spokesperson says: “It is important that local people have their say on this selective licensing scheme and put their views to us so they can help shape our full decision. Evidence in the area shows that challenges come with the amount of private rented properties in the area.
“Our aim is to make sure that local people have access to well-managed, affordable homes and that rogue landlords have no place in the area. This all links in with our commitment to create a fairer and more inclusive city for local people.”
Salford council approved two previous schemes in the area, the most recent being launched in January 2016 and this ran for a maximum limit of five years. 

Council officers completed a review and claim there have been “positive impacts on a number of issues” such as increasing property values, reduction in turnover and increasing average rent levels. They also found the majority of properties within licensable areas benefitting from improvements and greater compliance as landlords were “more willing to do work required on their properties to remedy hazards and defects.”
The consultation will run from July 17 to September 25 and more details can be found at www.salford.gov.uk/broughtonconsultation

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    Not sure tenants see that as a benefit!

  • icon

    Same old made up justifications and rigged consultations. Just another cash grab fuelling rent increases and p…..ing off landlords.

  • Rob NorthWest-Landlord

    My rentals are well above any minimum council standard, so any licence cost is purely a cost to me that's going on the rent. The benenif to tenants is hard to spot.

    Out of interest anyone who pays such a fee are they a tax deductable? As it's solely for the rental business I'd say it fits the bill - so local council taking tax from HMRC in a way ...

    Sarah Fox-Moore

    Same here. My properties are in better order than most peoples homes l know, so all that licence fee would do is jack up the rents significantly and/or take money from the maintenance budget.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    So let me get this straight: it is a good thing Licencing pushes UP the amount of rent Tenants pay? That's like saying "people being made to hand over their shoes are much happier now they have to walk barefoot!"

  • icon

    I'm shocked. Shaking my head in disbelief. Higher costs for the landlord is never going to be a benefit- for those with small portfolios, they'll hit vat registration levels sooner (reducing profits) - and tenants are on the receiving end of every cost to the landlord. Hence, they point the finger at us, and we in turn point the fingers at lenders and legislation.
    At what point can they recognise they need to hold themselves accountable?
    Either you believe in a free market, and capitalism, or you don't.
    Oh, wait - Labour - that's socialism (China). We're screwed!

  • John  Adams

    Parking Meters are great as they lower the cost of parking...
    TV Licensing increases the availability of TVs...
    Salford must be on something.

  • icon

    I guess they are trying to say if you have better quality property you can charge more in rent. I think we already knew that!

  • icon

    Councils would appear to live in a parallel universe!

  • icon

    Why Salford Councils don't buy existing properties and then ensure that the tenants have access to well-managed and affordable properties, instead of licensing landlord's properties. They make out aa if they are so kosher and high and mighty and good and maintaining and administering the properties themselves. Practice before preaching.

  • icon

    Its called THE RENTERS REFORM BILL for a reason its to increase their costs of Renting by 20/30% making their accommodation unaffordable.
    So in order to get them to swallow this con-trick & pull the wool over their eyes by telling them they be sitting Tenants in an other person’s property to complete the scam, otherwise they wouldn’t fall for it.


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