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Tory leadership contender named as shadow housing secretary

The Conservatives, reeling from a General Election which left them with just 121 MPs, have revealed their new shadow cabinet.

The shadow housing secretary is right wing leadership contender Kemi Badenoch.

She will shadow deputy Prime Minister Angela Rayner, who also has the Housing Secretary of State brief.


Housing has become one of the issues on which the new Labour landslide government is making rapid progress; just yesterday it revealed that it was restoring mandatory housebuilding targets with the aim of building 1.5m homes by the end of this parliament - including affordable and council homes.

It is also creating a new task force to accelerate stalled housing sites, starting with 14,000 new homes across Liverpool Central Docks, Worcester, Northstowe and Langley Sutton Coldfield; and is beefing up planning with 300 new officers in local councils and a review of some applications previously turned down that could help the economy.

Badenoch - a former business and trade minister - has long been touted as a potential successor to outgoing party leader Rishi Sunak.

It is not yet known when the Conservative leadership race proper will begin nor what format it will take.

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    Is that good or bad? I really have no idea any more. The party you would think would support landlords as business entrepreneurs have stabbed us in the back already.


    I think it's great news.

    Kemi is a right wing independent thinker who will soon realise the folly of the previous positions of Osborne and Gove.

    She will run rings round the flame haired leg flasher who would make mincemeat out of a posh Tory but won't be a match for firebrand Kemi.

    It's all very well promising to build loads of new homes, but if first time buyers can't afford them and landlords refuse to buy them, who will buy them? With the risk of unsold new homes, builders will soon stop building any more.

    Previous Labour Governments have been happy to have lower tax rates than Tory predecessors and successors.

    It's entirely possible that Labour could end up getting the message that to really help tenants means helping landlords and thus be much more helpful to private landlords than the Tories who favoured their corporate build to rent cronies at our expense.

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    Probably wise to not trust any of them.

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    How does that help us!


    It is not designed to help us, Margaret. It is designed to help the faux-Tories.

    I see Cameron has cut and run. That seems to be his MO.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    Like it matters who the Tories appoint as a Minister of anything. They arent in power and are anti business, anti landlord anyway.


    5 years at a minimum 🤔 likely to be 10 😱. It will be Labour I feel in 5 years time, with less of a majority due to Reform who will take votes when Labours immigration policy fails.


    My hope is that next time more people will feel able to vote for REFORM. I am not confident that there will still be a Conservative Party by then, at least, not as we know it today.

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    I am realising how sad my life has become, I am following politics like never before. Having been a landlord since 2011, how easily they can ruin my life. Everyone else I know has no idea about anything other than the NHS and the pension triple lock. Good grief.

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    I have been a landlord since 1998 and seen many changes. The population really need us, government too. Providing one is not over geared, I own all my properties with no debt, I truly feel there is a future despite all the stuff being thrown at us by government. The more government chase landlords out of the market the scarcer rental properties become and so upholding rents. Remaining landlords will hold the whip handle.


    Been a portfolio landlord since 1995 and agree with many of your sentiments including that we are badly needed- however neither the government, nor the public (including tenants) that have been and are still being drip fed poison against us for the last ten years realise

    However I fear that a great many landlords will be sent under and become collateral damage in the political scapegoating long before any 'heady days' come around- that is of course if the belief is they will come around.

    I love your optimism but I'm afraid I don't share it.

    Hope you are right and I am wrong!!


    But you won’t hold the whip handle after the Reform Bill, or now a worse iteration to come under Labour.

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    That is true, there maybe landlord casualties with high interest rates and non-paying tenants. I have an apartment in North of England. As the net rents have been gradually reduced over the last 8 to 9 years, some of the landlords are struggling to pay the interest and willing to sell the properties at less than 50% of what they paid. The cost electricity and other costs means the service and maintenance costs have increased by 150%, which means the owners do not receive much in rent. Within last year there is a glimmer of hope that it will get better with change of management and our rent payments have been better than previous 6 years. There are a lot of landlords willing to sell at a huge loss. I have talked to a couple nd asked to wait but some of them had enough. All bills like electricity and wifi are paid by landlords. There have been a lot of maintenace in the last 12 years. Over the 20 years the properties should have been doubled. Some of these landlords have other properties with high rates of interest and non-paying tenants. So much stressfull days for these landlords. I am not in a position to buy and not wishing to sell in this building. It is not all a "bed of roses" for landlords as Angela Rayner and charities like Shelter and Generation Rant believe

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    I always said I would never sell. But if one or two of my properties have a tenant move out - it will be tempting to sell, pay off one or two other mortgages and generally reduce risk. Labour say they will build 1.5m homes - very easy to say, successive governments have proven they are not sufficiently competent to pull it off. If they manage 10% of that I’ll be surprised. Even if they do build 1.5m homes, that won’t even house the migrants that are entering the country - since one of their very first actions was to shut down the minimal efforts the tories had made to at least slow down immigration.

    Labour didn’t come in on a landslide, as they got almost the same share as the last election - the conservatives haemorrhaged votes that went anywhere but labours way. I don’t think even half the labour voters have faith in Starmer - so hopefully the Conservative Party can use their time in opposition to push out the virtue signallers and regain something of a backbone and true conservative values again.


    Yes I think those ‘One Nation’ tories are a big part of their problem.


    Or just join REFORM.👍

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    • A S
    • 09 July 2024 00:30 AM

    And when a new leader takes over from Rishi, there will be another reshuffle. She won't be in the job more than 5 minutes. Nothing to get too excited about I'm afraid.

  • George Dawes

    I actually like her , thats a first

    Not unattractive either … sorry for being a sexist pig

    Jaeger  Von Toogood

    Who, Rayner? 😮


    She’s his guilty pleasure 😝

  • icon

    I like Kemi, but honestly they may as well just keep quiet and take the salary 💰🤷‍♂️ They are of no use.


    The faux-Conservatives have to go through the motions. They have to sort their 1922 committee and look at the rules before they even elect a new leader.

  • Jaeger  Von Toogood

    What difference does it make? They're all cheeks from the same @rse.

  • icon

    Kemi Badenoch should have been the housing secretary when the Tories were in power. It is a bit late now.


    Agree it's all much too late, Gove was a nightmare.

  • Matthew Payne

    It doesnt matter who it is, we are about to go into recess and the Tories are about to have a leadership contest after which a real shadow cabinet will be appointed as the new leader builds their team and whatever opposition they can muster when you are 300 MPs down. You can ignore any of these appts, bet they did them out of a hat.


    More like drawing straws. 🤣


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