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We’re turning the property rental system on its head.

The world of lettings is stuck in a time warp. Unsurprisingly, landlords and tenants are fed up.

The cost, the service, the inefficiency, the lack of transparency-it’s a sector that just isn’t working.

Meet Howsy. A new model and vision designed to shake up the way renting works for good. Our vision? An intuitive, stress-free and fairly-priced experience that’s full of new ideas and ways of doing things.

Our combination of smart tech and specialist property people are driven by an understanding of what renters and landlords need. We think it’s possible to combine great deals with low-cost service for landlords and renters. We know that the world of renting can be tough – boilers do breakdown at weekends and out of office hours – but it’s our job to fix things efficiently, honestly and with a smile on our face.

We understand what it’s like to be a renter and a landlord. And we dispute the idea that they’re meant to be  on opposite sides. In fact, great landlords and great renters are united by their love of the same thing. And it goes way beyond property. Because it’s not just about renting a place to live, it’s about finding  a home you love.

We’re restless in our quest to shake it up and challenge the status quo. It’s in our DNA to ask ‘how’? How can we do things differently? How can we help? How can we do better? How can we make it easier for you? And we intend to keep asking so we can keep improving and get things right.


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Landlord - work smarter, not harder and reap the financial rewards

15 March 2019 7235 Views

Landlord - work smarter, not harder and reap the financial rewards

So, what do smart landlords do to make more money than you, and how do they do it? The million-dollar question. Believe it or not, it’s much easier than you think.

Whether you’re an accidental landlord and own one property, or you’re a portfolio landlord operating as a business, smart property management could give you more than just extra money in the bank at the end of each month.

As with most things, it’s human nature to stick with what we know. However – by stepping out of our comfort zone, we open up many more opportunities – being a landlord is no different. Online property management solutions are changing the game, and smart landlords are using them to reap the benefits.

So why should I become a smart landlord?

You’ll save money

By using a fixed price, transparent smart agent – the management fee you pay each month is considerably less than a high street agent. Because fees are fixed, no matter how big or small your property is, everyone is charged a low rate, flat monthly (or annual) fee.

You’ll save time

Smart agents are deemed ‘smart’ for a reason. They make smart choices and have smart processes backed by having cutting edge technology in the right places. Everything is as efficient as it possibly can be. This can include things such as 24/7 customer service support, live updates and tonnes of other benefits.

Reduce stress

Something we’d all like less of, right?! With super streamlined processes in place, smart agents eliminate stress by doing all of the hard work for you. They take away the stresses of property management, giving you the opportunity to focus on the more important things in life.

Have better tenants

Smart landlords ensure tenants are thoroughly checked out pre-letting. This gives you the confidence of rent being paid on time and your property being well looked after. Some agents now even report tenant rent payments to credit agencies.

Get live property updates

Be the first in the know – whether it’s rent payments, repairs or a re-let. Smart property dashboards enable you to see exactly what’s happening, and when – right here, right now. Don’t waste time on lengthy phone calls, just log in and get all the updates or action any outstanding queries - totally at your convenience.

Reap the rewards

By using an end-to-end, full managed service that’s supported by a high-tech framework and driven by a super team, the rewards will continue. The use of modern technology enables smart agents to continually improve their service – bringing more savings, more benefits and more happiness to landlords and renters.

If any of the above sounds appealing – you’ll be pleased to know that Howsy offer all of the above benefits as standard. Even better, monthly management fees start from just £38/mo outside London and £54/mo inside London.

To get started, and pay nothing for 3 months – give our friendly team a call on 0330 808 0597 or click here to get started.

Landlord - work smarter, not harder and reap the financial rewards



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