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Mortgage advisor jobs - shortage of advisors to meet demand

25 June 2020 3135 Views

Mortgage advisor jobs - shortage of advisors to meet demand

Mortgage advisor jobs - shortage of advisors to meet demand

The mortgage market, like all other parts of the property industry, has sprung back into action since the government greenlighted the reopening of the sector on Wednesday May 13.

While there has been a general sense of caution – with lenders seeking to reduce the risks of lending ahead of the withdrawal of government support schemes in late October – the high levels of pent-up demand during the shutdown of the property market have now started to be released, with plenty of interest in mortgage products as a result.

First-time buyers, as one example, are facing more difficult borrowing conditions, with those looking for a mortgage with a 10% house deposit seeing the number of mortgage deals available to them recently drop by 40 overnight, with just 75 deals now available at a 90% loan-to-value (LTV). Equally, the number of deals available at a 95% LTV has fallen by almost half, dropping from 33 available on June 17 to just 16 deals on the market by June 18.

Nationwide recently became the latest lender to pull its first-time buyer mortgage deals where only a 5% deposit is required. In line with other lenders, the building society is concerned that buyers with such small deposits risk falling into negative equity – where the value of a property falls below the value of the loan - as the true economic impact of the coronavirus lockdown hasn’t yet become clear.

However, there are still some lenders who are offering mortgages to those with 5% deposits, including Barclays (through its Springboard packages) and Scottish Building Society. Meanwhile, according to moneyfacts.co.uk, there are 75 deals for buyers with a 10% deposit – down significantly since the lockdown began, but with some good options still available.

Although uncertainty and caution are likely to remain until the full economic consequences of Covid-19 are better known, the demand for advice and guidance will be higher than ever with all the uncertainty and potential confusion at play.

Since lockdown was eased, valuers have returned to work (albeit working under different rules) and a number of lenders have restarted high LTV lending. Demand from buyers has also soared, according to research carried out by Rightmove, Zoopla and others, meaning there are many people seeking mortgage products in the new normal.

In turn, this means the requirement for many more advisors to offer expert advice to borrowers looking to secure a mortgage in these complicated times. However, there is a shortage of mortgage advisors to meet this rising demand, despite it being a great – and potentially lucrative – career choice for those with an interest in finance and property.

For anyone considering a career as a mortgage advisor, uAcademy’s Mortgage Advisor Courses are the perfect way in.    

What does the mortgage advisor course involve?

The full CEMAP course contains three modules made up of seven units and is the only course you will need to gain your CEMAP qualification and become a fully-fledged mortgage advisor.

Importantly, at a time when social distancing is such a high priority, our courses are entirely remote. The CEMAP Training course is a distance learning qualification, which means no need for face-to-face tutoring or in classroom learning – it can all be done at your own leisure, from home, with online study materials to help you on your way.

The recommended time to complete the full course is 270 study hours making it very achievable within a year.

This course also offers access to the Property Development Course and CEMAP practice exams. If you don’t wish to purchase the full course, you can buy module one and modules two and three separately.

Why become a mortgage advisor?

Earnings that can exceed £50,000 a year, good commission rates for those who are qualified, flexible work in a number of different areas – all of these are possible as a mortgage advisor. You could, for example, work in collaboration with a bank or estate agency, work for a private firm or even work on a self-employed basis for yourself.

You are very unlikely to be short of work – particularly at this juncture, when so many people are seeking expert home moving guidance and advice.

If you have been made redundant or furloughed for the foreseeable in an industry that is unlikely to recover quickly from the impacts of coronavirus, you may be looking elsewhere for secure, reliable employment opportunities. Mortgage advisor could fit that bill perfectly, particularly when you could do the relevant courses via online means.

The demand for mortgage guidance and support is only likely to grow in the coming months and years, and with that the role of mortgage advisor will become more important than ever.

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