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Bob Leydon MARLA
Bob Leydon MARLA
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About Me

Providing student accommodation for over 28 years I never tire of the lettings profession. Now also providing professional accommodation for post grads and families. Open 6 days a week with 24/7/365 service and emergency cover. We care about our tenants. Is this mere rhetoric? We demonstrate our care and professionalism in many ways but most demonstrably by providing safe homes for those we care about; our children, spouse, etc. Doesn't everyone? Let me ask you a question. How many landlords could truthfully answer yes, to the following: Do you have smoke and heat detectors in all your properties? Ok, that was an easy one to say yes to. What about smoke detectors in all the lofts and interlinked to the main system? And carbon monoxide detectors in ALL your properties, even where not legally required? How about gas detectors? What about fire doors in houses, when not legally required. Yes yes yes we do all this! It is thus fair to boast that we know how to look after our tenants by protecting them from obvious risks.

my expertise in the industry

We have let to virtually every tenant genre over 28 years, renovated countless properties, guided countless landlords and assisted thousands of tenants. Currently providing accommodation to over 600 student tenants and professionals.

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