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Susan  Desfontaines
Many here have experience of the difficulties in renting to DSS tenants and like the majority I too have been hit financially by non payment of rent, however as pointed out the issue is wider. Shelter and NHF are advancing their arguments on the back of discrimination ... but really the basis of social responsibility ( public interest ) is the underlying driver for a court to find in a potential tenants favour. The fact of the matter is the Land Registration Act 2002 supports ownership as an absolute right and further more clearly states the " responsible use is not required " . This would support rights of Landlords to do as they please with their property, including being discerning about who they rent to. Considering that the risks of being a landlord are increasing as legislation becomes less and less favourable, and the earnings increasingly taxed, perhaps the government will do well to remember that they have a degree of reliance on private landlords due to the fact that they themselves sold off high proportions of the housing stock held by the state. To now seek to control housing stock by implementing controls which effectively interfere with a persons right to conduct their own financial business in the way in which they see fit is arguably a greater interference with rights than the current discrimination argument being advanced. There are many low income individuals housed by private landlords but to my mind it is unlawful for the state to seek to control freedoms of the private landlord to choose who they do business with unless they themselves are willing to be party to a contract which negates the potential business risk.

From: Susan Desfontaines 22 August 2018 12:20 PM

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