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Rob Trotter -  Director with Apropos
Rob Trotter - Director with Apropos
Associate Director
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I began working within the PRS in 2002 and now have a passion for delivering a fair and sustainable industry which works for both landlords and tenants.

my expertise in the industry

Residential property management and property investment.

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Rob Trotter -  Director with Apropos
Having navigated our way through our tenant fee ban in Scotland over 7 years ago, with a portfolio of managed properties in excess of 4,000, I can confirm that eradicating tenant fees DOES NOT have a long term negative impact on tenants despite any headline grabbing stories about tenants being penalised by government intervention. Instead, the cost of renting a property is spread out evenly over the term of a tenancy through the adjusted rental values reported in the article above. The result is that tenants don’t have to swallow huge, front-loaded costs, at an already costly juncture for them, and landlords receive a higher monthly income through these rent increases. Previously these front loaded costs were collected and retained by agents. Now we have a system where landlords receive true market rent for their properties and agents can charge those landlords for the service they provide them through increased agent fees. It’s simply not fair to make tenants pay for the services the agents were providing landlords. Tenants should only have to pay rent, that rent must be sent to the landlord and the agent should deduct their fees from the landlord. When rents went up in Scotland as a result of the fee ban here, it’s only because previously the agents were keeping all this money to subsidise the service they were, in many occasions, too scared to charge the landlord for, is case it jeopardised their chance of winning instructions. History does seem to be repeating itself but English agents should take comfort from their Scottish cousins. Short term pain during this period of readjustment will lead to a better industry which can genuinely work for everyone.

From: Rob Trotter - Director with Apropos 10 December 2019 12:29 PM

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