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Suzy OShea
what becomes difficult for elderly to budget for are the long-term increases in rent if they don't have generous pensions. We all know that the state pension is just soul food and would never cover rent as well as other living costs. Rents in retirement communities are higher because there are added services like wardens. yet buying in these communities also involves very high services charges for similar reasons. My advice if you have a large house that is too large for you to cope with, keep a spare room for a carer which you may well need and rent out a couple of rooms to defray future costs. Its a far better option than paying vast sums for retirement homes. Don't like the idea of 'sharing your home with strangers'. Well, what do you think you'll be doing in a retirement home where the dwellings are split into flats? if you get a bad neighbour, it can make your life miserable and you have absolutely no control. Keeping lodgers in your home who turn out to be noisy or anti-social, you can evict them in three weeks. most large houses could even have enough space to provide your own ground floor flat with bathrooms adapted for the elderly. Making the upper floor a shared rental space with a kitchen is not difficult. Employing a cleaner on a weekly basis for both premises means you retain ultimate control over what goes on in the shared rental space and can defray the cleaning costs of your own flat as part of the maintenance charges. if ever you came to sell your house, some tax would be due on the part used to generate income, but this is better than other alternatives.

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