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Hi John, I totally agree, & I forgot to mention in my earlier post - like you I have had to replace 3 combi boilers & also expensive storage heaters (to comply with EPC) this year, also quite a lot of other maintenance issues, expensive roof repairs (due to the 3 storms we have had). I have had to lend money off family members, because my expenses have been quadruple what my rental income has been - I still owe the full amounts to these family members. I don't think the government realise how expensive it is to maintain rental properties. All the maintenance issues I've had - the builders/plumbers etc who have done the work, would not say to me "its ok, pay me in 3 months time, or when you have the money". I just feel the government are supporting tenants & not landlords, as a holiday period from mortgage payments (for landlords) is peanuts compared rental income & also the total amount it costs to keep a rental property in a great condition for tenants. I know we have got to look after each other, (landlords & tenants) especially with the coronavirus, & I wouldn't have a problem with tenants taking a rental holiday, as long as it is paid back. I feel some tenants will abuse this 3 month holiday rule & some will expect to have 3 months rent free !! Which is totally ridiculous as I certainly can't & many other landlords cannot afford to do this. I feel the government should loan the money to tenants & give them a reasonable payment plan, instead of forcing landlords to go bankrupt, through non payment of rent.

From: Paul Tawn 19 March 2020 13:35 PM

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