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Whilst the act looks as if it will become law on October 1st landlords will have 28 days to react to a notice of breach. The Environmental Health departments are behind the curve too. Many we have spoken to are not yet aware of the legislation so it is unlikely that they will be knocking on your door on October 2nd. Some however are aware and already asking us about test aerosols for CO alarms and smoke alarms. Sensor inclusive testing of CO alarms was high on the agenda in the discussions last week in the House of Lords which we welcome after 20 years of campaigning. The test button on a CO alarm only tests the battery, buzzer and circuit NOT the ability to sense gas. The actual sensors have a limited and indeterminable life. 25 million CO alarms have been sold since 1996. We believe that half are no longer sensing gas. Independent reports from UK and U.S. Bodies support this. The latest report from the Journal of Environmental and Public Health found that of 23,000 CO alarms installed at Hackney Homes 26.9 % were not working two years into a seven year warrantee. Worryingly these alarms were on of the most popular in the UK. Sold on the high street and a major gas retailer. The unit was Kitemarked. We developed and patented Detectagas specifically to address this issue and have won more industry awards than any other in the gas detection field. Resistance for CO alarm manufacturers and their trade association has been fierce but the technical reality of the situation is now being realised. Providing £3.2 million to fire brigades to give away free smoke and CO alarms has added to the problem as far as CO alarms are concerned. The installed base is increasing and the level of non working CO alarms increases too. Already deaths in the USA and two weeks ago a near miss in Devon due to non working CO alarms. Even the tradgedy on Windermere where two people died in a boat is worrying. At the time this was much publicised to promote CO alarm sales. Less publicised was the publication of the Marine Investigation Board report this year which announced that the boat had two CO alarms on board. Both had been disconnected. This is typical, the alarms go into alarm mode as the sensors fail and the only way to shut them up is disarm them. They are never tested or repalced. These CO alarms were made in the USA, the boat was a USA import. I have visited the manufacturer in Chicago a few times, they called us in as they had had problems with thier alarms. They now stock Detectagas. The poor guy who lost his wife and daughter is being sued for manslaughter. I am sure it's not his fault but the fault of the non working alarms. So, PLEASE sensor inclusively test your CO alarms and help us push the gov to legislate before we hit a major problem. Although patented we have kept the cost low to encourage tKe up and will continue to do so. It costs less that £1.50 per test at retail (see CPC). It is already law in the USA to sensor inclusive test on installation and annually thereafter. John Stones, Managing Director, Gas Safe Europe

From: john stones 18 September 2015 09:30 AM

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