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Richard Kirwan
The problem is that for years the general public have been groomed by Labour, the Landlord Hate Group Shelter and others into believing that most Landlords are unscrupulous, money grubbing parasites, providing poor quality housing at extortionate rents, throwing innocent tenants onto the scrapheap for even daring to raise a question about a mouldy patch on a wall. The entire blame for this grim state of affairs lies squarely at the feet of agents, ARLA and Landlords associations who have allowed these myths to become accepted fact with barely any kind of response. It is now why the industry is facing all of these draconian changes to the sector. Instead of waiting for the government, ARLA should have been actively policing its members, developing rules for best practice and kicking out those who don't abide, if they had acted when certain agents (You all know who) saw a chance to screw tenants out of hundreds of pounds of grossly inflated fees, then we would never have had the tenants fees ban, which of course then led to much deeper scrutiny of agent behaviour and subsequent legislation. The industry desperately needs to get its act together otherwise we are staring into an abyss that will destroy our business as we know it turning the clock back to the 70's when rents will be capped and the near impossibility of evicting a tenant on any grounds will return. I would start by headhunting Shelters entire campaigns department, they have completely run rings around everyone else so far until the industry employs the same tactics and successfully promotes the truth that there are far more good landlords than bad, negative regulations will continue to be imposed across the board.

From: Richard Kirwan 11 May 2020 10:20 AM

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