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Phil Priest
Phil Priest
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About Me

Having worked for a large legal firm and also then 2 significant blue chip companies in Australia i bring to all issues a sense of solution through IT and practicality to issues that need solving.
I love travel, i love what i do and family is a big part of my life.

my expertise in the industry

Worked in the property industry as an investor and now director of companies supplying services to the industry.

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Phil Priest
I am still shocked at how little money is being invested by agents to target new listings. In the 'good old day' several pages of the newspapers were fought over by the local agents in order to maintain their branding and awareness within the postcode territories they were fighting over. Since the portal arrival, they have switched off completely and as the cost of the portals have risen astronomically in the past decade the cost spent by agents on brand has declined. A simple question we ask all agents is: 1. If you were buying a house, where do you go? A. Portals 2. If you were looking to sell a house (and under the age of 40yrs old), where do you go? A. Google, look at reviews, look at content etc Agents should partner with those who can bring their brand to life across all platforms and offer good, exciting, engaging content which in turn will lead to more instructions. WARNING!! Please do not consider your social media strategy as posting every house you have for sale or getting the youngest person in the office to manage this for you, just because they have an Instagram account. Content 4 x per week per channel mix of video, industry info, advice, tips and tricks, photos of the office dog etc You must also be on page 1 of google, ideally No. 1 Cost this can all start with the above for £1,000 pm, allot cheaper than RM, but also targeting seller, not buyers. As a note, only 11% of buyers use the same agent to sell through. Tip 2, if you change the way you look after the buyers, you might get more repeat business too, this includes not shafting them for huge referral fee's to your solicitors. I see the future of RM limited as more data, clever data is available for those agents who are smart enough to move with the times and be pro-active and not Portal Lazy.

From: Phil Priest 17 February 2020 12:25 PM

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