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Fery  Lavassani
Fery Lavassani
Residential Landlord
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A fed up landlord.

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Landlord in private residential sector since 1989.

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Fery  Lavassani
Jim, Section 21 Notice currently needs 6 months notice. due to Covid. It has been increased from two months requirement. For Section 8 Notice, currently you will have to give 6 months notice if arrears are less that six months and 4 weeks notice if arrears are more that six months. So the tenant gets minimum seven months rent free before you submit your claim. Then wait for the Hearing date and walk to the unknown. Whereas Section 21 not only takes less time, but guarantee you result. We used to submit the application and guaranteed within 14 days or sometimes even less, get the possession. Whereas with Section 8, which is a fault based section, rent arrears is one subsection. Of course the common one is that of rent arrears. AS we all know, the tenant has to be two months or more behind, on the date of submission of application and on the Hearing date (that was the case prior to covid). Like Bhala said, just prior to the actual Hearing, the tenant, by making a small payment, clears enough arrears for the judge to throw the case out. If a tenant through the Hearing claims disrepair, then automatically you have a counterclaim. After the work is done, if there is any work to be done, you then need evidence to show the work has actually been done. That is when you need your own surveyor's report. I do not know which area Jim is operating from. But before the Covid, West Midland County Courts took 7 months to hear a Section 8 claim and Manchester was 4 months. In my opinion, when first you see the tenant is falling behind, then why wait two months to be able Section 8? Initiate Section 21 by serving A6 on the tenant, where you are guaranteed possession hassle free.

From: Fery Lavassani 25 April 2021 08:18 AM

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