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In reply to your last paragraph Alistair. I very rarely check newer properties. If someone has a new property and they want a test I would normally tell them not to bother; if they have had work done by a non registered electrician and they want me to issue a certificate I normally say 'No!'. Unless I believe they have been hoodwinked and then I will carry out an EICR for them if Building Control tell me that this acceptable. I did have a landlord recently that had been asked for as test but had had an EICR done less than 10 years ago and the EICR was for 10 years. I told him this was good enough but he was told he had to have it done every 5 years. So I carried out an EICR for him and found multiple issues. Much of the more serious issues I come across are down to 'Mr DIY' doing his own electrics or a builder that has done a 2 week electrical course and has got an installation working but not safely according to BS7671. Small building companies doing extensions and loft conversions etc don't have enough work to hire a spark full time, so they either hire out people like me or get one of their lads to do it. I have quite often come across very attractive kitchens and bathrooms with sub standard electrics and plumbing, covered up by tiles etc. I have one customer that is taking his builder to court after multiple issues with his loft conversion, electrical and otherwise. This was a new job but he asked me to do an EICR because he started to realise the work had been done very poorly.

From: william allfrey 25 February 2020 17:28 PM

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