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From: Anthony Altman 27 March 2020 15:27 PM

Anthony Altman
To show nottingham councils mentality I parked my car in a disabled bay my disabled badge was 4 days out of date the reason it was out of date was it took the council 10 weeks to process my renewal which i had applied for a month prior to expiry plenty of time to renew BUT that isn't the real point when i submitted my appeal they initially sent their rejection. to my address but when i replied straight away saying i wanted to take the matter to the independent adjudicator they stopped sending any communications to me and sent all letters to accountants (YES you did read that) the accountancy firm very kindly sent the post to me as i was the only person in the city with my surname , by the time i got the letter the council said it was out of time to lodge an appeal despite numerous letters sent by both post and email repeating my postal and email addresses they continued to refuse to communicate with me at my address and sent all letters to this firm of accountants , the accountants were very good about it but obviously acting as a mail forwarding service for myself was not a priority , I then informed this council the accountants were shutting down as a result of coronavirus, as far as i know they are still sending mail to them HOWEVER we now get to the meat of the matter (no insult to vegans intended) as i understand it 70% of appeals to the independent adjudicator are lost by councils If Nottingham council are prepared to go to such extraordinary lengths to deny me access to a fair hearing over a £35 parking fine which has already cost them at least a couple of hundred pounds in staff time it is hardly surprising they are prepared to spend tens of thousands of other peoples money on persecuting landlords and their families ,unfortunately as always these people are totally unaccountable

From: Anthony Altman 25 March 2020 20:41 PM

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