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David James
Funny how people are so quick to defend their own position while not thinking about others. What about students? My son has been sent home from Durham but I am expected to pay another 3.5 months for the property he can't stay at, while at the same time paying my own mortgage (and now subsidising my son living at home). There were six students in his private rented accommodation, each paying £500pm - ie £3000pm in total, or £36k pa. (includes services and heating). They already have to pay for a full 12 months (for a 9 month year). As there are now no students living there the landlord is now actually making more money as there are no heating or electricity costs. I have landlords as clients so I am well aware of how they have been attacked by the Government in recent years and have been supportive of them. But what has happened is no fault of the students and yet they are expected to fulfil their leases. How is it equitable that landlords suffer no loss at all and even, in these circumstances, make more money than before? And you're not telling me that the landlord is paying anything like £3kpm in mortgage payments. Reasonable landlords should reach some compromise - maybe reduce rent by half in these circumstances or at least give a month discount. The problem is that many landlords will have the opinion that everyone on here has and want his cake and eat it. Everyone is going to suffer. Taking the opinion that 'I'm alright Jack' just isn't going to cut it and will only further tarnish the name of landlords.

From: David James 19 March 2020 00:15 AM

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