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Simon Landlord
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About Me

I am a one-property landlord.

my expertise in the industry

My industry expertise has been gained from renting out my property for several years.

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Simon Landlord

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Simon Landlord

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Simon Landlord

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Simon Landlord

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Simon Landlord
I have been using RightMove to find property and I have to say that many descriptions are lacking correct information, quite apart from the appalling grammar and spellings. In an effort to narrow the searches, I use keywords. Looking for properties with lifts I enter LIFT as a keyword. I then discovered that some agents use the word ELEVATOR instead of lift. Maybe they have American owners but who is going to do a search for Elevators? I also discovered that despite a property definitely having a lift, which is even mentioned within the description, the keyword search says otherwise. That is a fault of RightMove. And then we have agents who fail to inform prospective purchasers that a property has a lift. Sometimes it is pretty obvious that a block of flats has a lift and I'll check them out. But I have to say that I have discarded probably hundreds of likely properties due to poor descriptions. Room sizes (or lack thereof) is another beef I have. Missing floor plans is another. If I am looking for a property of a certain size, this information would be enormously helpful. If only RightMove used a template which would standardise descriptions. Sometimes I see a flat in an apartment block that looks interesting but then have no idea what ruddy floor it's on. How stupid can these agents be? So it gets discarded, again for lack of information. I treat these 'adverts' like I would read a cv for a job. I'm not going to waste more than 10 seconds (most times it is less) on a property which isn't described properly. If only the sellers knew how many opportunities have fallen by the wayside due to the incompetence of agents (mostly) and their advertising medium. And what's worse is when I see a property I like and ask agents for further information and they cannot be bothered to reply. How on earth do they stay in business with attitudes like that? Rant over. :-)

From: Simon Landlord 22 April 2021 11:50 AM

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