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Elmar Gasimov
Elmar Gasimov
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I am an entrepreneur, software engineer and lover of everything property and real estate. See how we are transforming the lettings industry with Rentoo Checks. Find out more on www.rentoo.co.uk.

my expertise in the industry

I have worked previously in Media, Finance and Publishing.
Currently working on building a trusted network for landlords and tenants.

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Elmar Gasimov
When I moved out of my property, the agency conducted their end of tenancy check-out and I was supposed to receive my £1700 deposit within two weeks. A few days later I received an email from the agency saying that I had an open balance of £1080 for air conditioning costs (the one I used on two occasions, as London isn’t exactly famous for heat waves). Obviously this was ridiculous and unjustified. I knew from my neighbours who had experienced something similar, that this particular agency was famous for making money of deposits. In fact a friend of mine who worked with them previously, told me that their main source of income was *via* the deposits. In the UK all deposits must be insured in a government-backed deposit scheme. However, the scheme this estate agency used was MyDeposits, an insurance based scheme, which is more agent friendly. No way I could get my money back from them! Apart from the laughable cooling charge, they also wanted to charge me for “missing items”. Luckily, I was clever enough to take pictures before I vacated the property, and it clearly shows the missing items on the picture. So with no end in sight, the only option that remained was to sue for my money. Because the agency managed the property for the landlord, I was never able to communicate directly with him. In fact, in every single communication, they always implied that it was the landlord who claimed the charges. This was simply not true. As I found out later, the landlord was never aware of any charges, nor anything else for that matter. He eventually got in touch with me to clear up the issue and was in fact a lovely chap. I received my deposit back, but it took a lot of emailing, legal threats and 4 months.

From: Elmar Gasimov 12 March 2016 20:20 PM

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