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rajeev kanwar
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rajeev kanwar
I have read all your comments regarding me. Thankyou for your support to some who has defended my comments. I am a landlord just like any other landlord. I let my properties to tenants with rent gurantees, & guarantors, I make sure that I have these otherwise I don't rent to tenants If they don't pass their referances I don't take them. But I do take care of my tenants and oblige with my responsibilities for them. But when tenants become & commit anti social offences (as that now is an offence), become abusive, threatening, maliciously damage our fixtures & fittings, what are we to do. We call police for help as its going to escalate into crimal matters, but police say they can not do anything??. Its not that tenant has not paid rent, its the malicious damage he has caused to our property is the reason that I am evicting him. But I have to follow procedure just like anyone else to take him to court, spend thousands of pounds with a solicitor which very very is unfair. We all want tenants as its seem as they are our investments, we don't let to animals??, we let to humam beings . But it's very very unfair that when they become like above we are not given the protection that's needed to us landlord from police or the council. My comments to this lady who I now beliveis is a journalist, as I did not now before, may have been harsh, & I sincerely apologise for that. I was merely expressing that she is an anti aviction supporter , & her comments & requests what she is asking the government to do is uneceptable. Ifshe had these issueses with her tenants living in her properties, not paying their rent to her & damaging her property, would she support tenants like she doing now??, I guess not?!! We landlords are all terribly sufferering Finacialy, this is our business, we live from these investments, & because more rights are given to tenants, and landlords are left out . Not all my tenants are bad?! But there should be more protection given /provided to us landlords who are trying to survive in this paridemic with tenants who are not only not paying their /our rent, but also behaving very very badly in our properties with causing malious damage being done by them to our properties & to fixture & fittings , which is causing a great concern & financially some lanllords are suffering very very badly due to this by their tenants. What we landlords need is to get togather & support one another & form a support group, have someone take leadership for the group. Who can take us to the next level and forward us with these issues that we are having, to support, & have these issues with bad tenants solved, get more rights for us landllords, to curb these issueses.

From: rajeev kanwar 09 January 2021 00:53 AM

rajeev kanwar

From: rajeev kanwar 08 January 2021 19:40 PM

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