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Jeanne NG

From: Jeanne NG 10 November 2017 08:54 AM

Jeanne NG
A good government do not divide people, do not create hate. Most landlords are lawful and good landlords, we work hard to save enough to invest on buy to let, we were not born with it. When we were younger, we did not have our own place to live. I don't remember we have made any complaint. The government has a tendency to please certain group of people without principles, for popularity? for vote? Very soon, you will have no investors, no tax revenue, because the government is attacking the only business that is working well in UK. Councils should take care of illegal HMOs and poor living conditions, this is the area to be focused on to help the tenants. Government should reduce tax on low income and MPs should learn how the real estate market works. Last two years, bombardment on landlords has destroyed the market for everyone - tenants, agents, landlords, contractors, and tax revenue. The less people have money, the more problem we will have. In the end, UK will be in trouble. I do not understand why students do not need to pay council tax as an example, especially foreign students? There are lots of places government can rectify its policy to find revenue. Why government do not force to raise the salary? wages? so people can afford the rent and buy properties. Create opportunities is the key for UK. Councils have no system to collect council tax, tenants jump from one property to another without paying utility bill. Did the government count all those bills to landlords to pay? Council tax has increased year on year and now we are talking to a machine when we call, it is always a 30 min call. Where is the service? When we pay more than £1500 in average per year. Lots of things are not doing right in UK!

From: Jeanne NG 14 October 2017 18:08 PM

Jeanne NG

From: Jeanne NG 06 October 2016 18:07 PM

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