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Pat Gan
Having gone through converting properties to meet HMO standards and licensing I know the costs involved. In my case one council provided the license without bothering to inspect that property and another did everything possible to avoid dealing with me. I had to become a nuisance caller to force the council to provide an inspection date. My point is simple, there are laws and standards but the councils are unwilling to enforce them or have a simple process that people can follow. Under these circumstances many wouldn't bother. The works I have done are over and above council requirements. I set my standards and attract the right tenants. It certainly won't cost this guy 50k to fix the issues. People who live in such places do so as it may be cheaper or they don't have the income levels etc to get a better place. Little bit of money goes a long way with such people and there are other legitimate ways of getting around any tenant resistance. As for mould issues, my tenants are provided with washing machine and dryer and an external area where they can dry the cloths if they don't wish to use the dryer. Where I have found small mould build up during inspections usually in shower enclousres, I would treat them and show the tenants how to ensure it doesn't happen again. If I see mould after second inspection, I don't renew their contract. All new tenants only get a 6 month contract anyway. Another example of the council non-action is when I informed one council of a dangerous flat where the first floor external door Leeds to dilapidated stair at the back of the property. After several complaints the council put a dangerous building notice, the landlord removed the staircase. so now the tenants will fall from first floor to the ground floor. The council has taken no further action.

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