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Graham Morris
Yes another farce by the SNP government trying desperately to be the new labour.... Personally I do not think there is a problem with the "excessive rent increases" as I simply do not think it really exists in Scotland. In London, quite possibly, but if it happens here its few and far between. So this area does not concern me. What is of massive concern is the "no fault eviction" and how this will be used and abused by tenants who already have a very one sided lease. If I was a lender I would not be lending in Scotland thats for sure. May seem strange to some that there are many lenders who already do not lend in Scotland, simply because of the repossession laws; so already we have a reduced pot of lenders to that of the rest of the country. However throw this into the pot it can only reduce further. What landlord moves on a good tenant for the sake of a extra £25 / £50 per month. It simply does not happen. Most would pay that for a good tenant... We have not increased our portfolio for around 2 - 3 years due to availability of funding. However if I was to be offered 1 million pounds now to invest into the Scottish market I would simply turn it down. Because of the way we see this going, we are reducing our risk and selling off properties. How this brings rental market pricing down I am not sure, possibly one of the jokers at the Scottish parliament would like to advise, but where I come from the greater the supply the lower the price. Look at oil for an example. Further, not only do we have to contend with these foolish and un-necessery proposals, but we now have to put even more hard wired smoke alarms in properties as well as heat detectors in the kitchen. We now have to do mandatory PAT testing and Electrical 3 / 5 testing so the costs to landlords are through the roof. All this and if you have a bad tenant we are going to make it 3 times harder and more expensive to get your property back. My advice, reduce your risk in the Scottish Market and do not buy anymore to let out in Scotland. With the proposals as they stand you will be possibly funding the life of someone else and not be able to move them on.

From: Graham Morris 03 September 2015 09:05 AM

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