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From: m Goe 04 May 2016 10:17 AM

m Goe
Wow, Fake Agent! Could you be any more naive? The reason housing benefit should be paid directly to the landlord is to ensure that the rent is covered. That is what housing benefit is there for, remember? Unfortunately, a lot of social tenants see it as free spending money and use it on anything but their rents. The result of this being that a lot of PRS landlords no longer accept housing benefit tenants. And no doubt, the reason why housing benefit is still paid directly to housing associations. As for landlords wanting to make a profit, of course they do. The incovenient truth people like yourself just love to ignore is that rental property is an investment. Which means that, as landlords, we have to put up tens of thousands of our own money in deposits and incur hundreds of thousands in debt to purchase a property we will eventually rent out. That is not money we've inherited from daddy, nor money we've claimed off the government but money we've worked hard to earn the old-fashioned way. You know? By getting a job and going to work? We have chosen to invest our money in property. Maybe you have invested yours in pensions. How would you like it if I said that you don't deserve to receive interest on your pension? In face, how would you like it if I said that interest should be curtailed and/or given to someone else? Not looking so attractive now, is it? Thinking about drawing your money out and investing it in something else? Well, that's exactly how most landlords feel. Which leaves me with only one question. Where are you going to live?

From: m Goe 17 February 2016 10:45 AM

m Goe

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