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As a parent paying for your child's accommodation it is clear which side of this discussion benefits you the most - hence your original supposition. As a landlord, the bulk of my portfolio being Student HMO's i can assure you, that i have more quality hoops & checks to meet than those properties that are let to non students. Having not had a void period in the last 18 years since i started being a landlord & having "Gold Standard" properties across my portfolio, i would suggest that if "from your experience....you're child is not receiving good value and is a pretty soft target" that says more about you & the quality of accommodation you chose to house them in. Back on subject, all of my student AST's have a parent as guarantor and only two have enquired about ending their AST early, well one rather informed me that she was giving me my months notice "and as a fellow landlord she knew her rights"...having pointed out all of the salient points (most of which have come out in the above discussion) coupled with the fact that her sons possessions were still in the house and no keys had been returned, she soon changed her mind, what saddened me, was the holier than though attitude that she was absolutely in the right and "how could i possibly be looking to capitalise on a global crisis", on the other hand, a parent emailed me to say his business had fallen off a cliff, he was struggling to keep up vital payments and could he work something out with me, after a five minute call, we agreed to end his sons AST there and then, no further rent payments due and that his son could access the property at some point in the future when lockdown allowed to retrieve his kit and clean the room...... I guess the moral of the story is: the way people deal with you has a direct effect on how you deal with them ! Thats not rhetoric....just a statement of facts.

From: Neil Finlay 31 May 2020 12:06 PM

Neil Finlay

From: Neil Finlay 06 November 2019 10:05 AM

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