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laurence meade
If you want to do something in this world you need a qualification. The qualification for living here, at its simplest, is a UK passport. Driving licences are now linked to the passport records so getting a passport should be easier. Get a passport and don't waste other peoples' time and sympathy by moaning about your misfortune. Life in our world always has been and always will be tainted by free loaders and unwanted enemies as well. In the past you just kicked out people who were not wanted and could not speak your language and did not know your religion. Those days are gone and the number of free loaders has exponentially increased. To my mind setting up your legal qualifications to live somewhere is one of the very important things that you have to do. Genuine passport /right of residence applicants should have little trouble if they have the money (which can often be scrounged from a charities). Refugees will have been given documentation when they arrived in the UK. I won't go on. There is no point. If you are a parent then one thing you must do is make sure your child is registered at birth and make sure your child knows the details of this or has their birth certificate. Within the last few months DNA sampling analysis has reached the point where it can be used as an ID document. This is the future for identification and the making of government records. It will also meant that your identity can not be lost. The days of Mr Khan saying he is not Mr Khan and the Mr Khan who is needed is his cousin who has left the country will soon be gone for ever. ( Use whatever name you like for your own nationality).

From: laurence meade 05 June 2018 12:54 PM

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