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Andrew Stanton CEO Proptech-PR    Proptech Real Estate Influencer
Andrew Stanton CEO Proptech-PR Proptech Real Estate Influencer
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Proptech Real Estate Influencer, Analyst, Journalist and Consultant, Executive Editor Estate Agency Networking; providing paid for consultancy, insights, strategies, thought pieces, PR & commentary on the Proptech & Real Estate world. 2020 Cohort Mentor for Reach UK. Unissu global advocate. 32-years previous experience as an estate agent/realtor, 18 years owning multi-branch agency, 14 years in senior corporate agency roles.

Building super brands by advising Proptech and Real Estate professionals with guidance to maximise enlightenment, growth, profitability, brand awareness and minimise risk, in an era of digital transformation. All of this, and a gruelling schedule of meeting clients in London and outside the UK, attending seminars, conferences, and events, together with my consultancy, journalist, analyst, and influencer roles, means that I have a heightened sense of what is happening across both the proptech and real estate space.

ABOUT Proptech-PR. We understand Proptech – because we are proptech – it is in our DNA, and we understand the Real Estate industry – as we are also experienced ex-property professionals, so we know how they operate and think too. Proptech-PR is uniquely positioned as we are seen as a trusted source of ‘thought leadership’ in both industries, a trusted and unifying voice, helping both sectors profitably connect.

A voice that is heard across the national press, (see our website Proptech-PR.com). Our knowledge is your strength, we educate, influence and open doors, utilising a vast network of key decision makers, and contacts both within the industries and throughout the world of media and journalism. We have influence within many trade associations and communities, as well as within the c-suite of the real estate and proptech sector.

So we are not a Public Relations company – in the normal sense that we promote and protect a brand - we are first and foremost a Proptech advocacy, which drives new business to clients. Choosing Proptech PR as a name under which we can push the global message of Proptech, the digital transformation of the real estate industry.

Please call 07535-029676, over 35-years of experience and networking, andrew.stanton@Proptech-PR.com. Unissu advocate. www.Proptech-PR.com.

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36 years.

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Andrew Stanton CEO Proptech-PR    Proptech Real Estate Influencer
Wise words Phil Priest - Property Portals Rightmove, Zoopla, PropertyHeads, OpenBrix etc are to the exit lounge for property and rental property. Social media is the import lounge for gaining vendors and landlords. Back in the day your newspaper advertising was both the product, houses, lets, and your brand - that huge masthead brand name of your agency that hung above all of your advertised stock. On the property portals your brand is removed and your product is diced into tiny digital squares used to re-inforce the brand of the portal. Question - does ASOS post its products on a portal with other competitors, or does it use targeted social media to sell its products. The beauty of social media, is that in the same household you can send a different message to different people, so unlike a newspaper advert - universal in its reach - but a blunt instrument - a bespoke piece of social media can really engage the correct target audience. This is why new estate agents (this term includes letting agents) who are of course using social media are killing the market, overturning established legacy businesses in medium sized towns. Customers - vendors and landlords - are being influenced by these companies. That is why I in my consultancy spend a large amount of time talking about having a bespoke social media solution, and maybe cutting portal spend and using social media to get the brand out there, so when you sit with the landlord or vendor, your brand is already inside their head. And just posting on your Facebook, twitter or Instagram account may be doing very little to grow your digital footprint, you need to pay for a digital marketeer, to ensure that 'copy' which also needs to be produced gets in front of the correct people at the correct time. For those who think social media is for children, here is a fact, half the globe is now populated by Generation-Z. This is your up and coming client, they look at Tik Tok, they speak on mobiles only 38% of the time using social media for all their other communication, if your business is founded on the telephone (Alexander Bell's invention in the 19th century) you are going to be increasingly out of the loop. If you want some sound advice on this topic contact me estate-agency-insights-strategies.co.uk it might just increase your profits by 35% over the next 12-months.

From: Andrew Stanton CEO Proptech-PR Proptech Real Estate Influencer 17 February 2020 12:47 PM

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