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Andy Marshall
Of course this philanthropist is right, it gives everyone another chance to deride landlords. I mean we go to a lender and all but trip over £300,000 as soon as we walk through the door. That said, this is some merit in what has been stated but like all points of view it must be taken in context. Yes it will be easier for someone to borrow money if they are solvent with a good history. However, as that person gets older the attractiveness will lessen as the risk grows. The Section 24 negates a lot of this argument as the loan is now not a taxable allowance. This will have a considerable effect on landlords whom have several buy-to-let mortgages, myself included. With regret this will mean that I will have to review my rents, most of which I have either not increased or have done so marginally since 2008. Property has always had the possibility of a good return, however it is a double edged sword and many a person has been burned and this will continue. I completely agree about the stigma of renting, when I was younger I paid rent. You were certainly treated as a second class citizen. It was a case of how things were said to you rather than being repelled by society. I also had to put up with a couple of awful landlords, but i also had some decent ones as well, overall I am certain that there are more responsible landlords now than back in the 80's. Europe is different to UK over renting and have many different rules so impossible to compare. What I do know is that in Germany they have an ongoing property revolution and property prices are soaring where a lot of Germans are putting savings into property as they deem it a safe place, much like the UK. This ,however, is making rents competitive. Maybe the UK Government should look in that direction and instead of taxing the landlord into putting up rents and excessive legislation they should promote fair competition. Just a thought. IMHO the private landlord offers better competition in a market place that will keep rents at a fair rate. Nobody wants an empty property. Anyway to give context I am just behind the baby boomer generation and have made sacrifices to build my portfolio, as I am sure many of them would have done so also.

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Andy Marshall

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Andy Marshall

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