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I would just like to add that: 1) The tenant is guilty of rent payment evasion towards the accommodation provided for her. 2) The council is responsible for not paying money to the landlord for rent on time. 3) Council has delayed payments due to some possible errors in assessing this person's eligibility for housing benefits, instead housing her without knowing her full history beforehand. 4) Tenant has been fraudulent to the council and the agency by lying about the keys. The law will not be able to compensate the landlord, neither can the council. Therefore the landlord will be fall into debts and possibly lose his house. It is very clear what should be done: Never mind what the law is saying because it is full of serious mistakes: 1) The landlord should remove her from his house by throwing a stink bomb inside. 2) He can then take out her stuff and let the council deal with this type of person. 3) Landlord should change all door locks. 4) Clean up his house, and re-rent it to whom he wishes. It's obvious that these people want to live on other people's back for free, and don't give a damn. The council will need to set-up portable accommodation containers in field's to house these people who couldn't care less about anybody else. I've had similar experiences and wish I did what is written above. Let them take me to court. I will support myself and make the judge see his/her wrongdoings by challenging the court on many counts of negligence, incompetency, and lack of justice to the person losing his livelihood.

From: Peter Demetriou 08 November 2017 12:46 PM

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