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4 ways landlords can protect their tenants

As the providers of housing for tenants, landlords are responsible for ensuring the property is safe for those living in it.

Various aspects of the home need to be maintained before opening doors for tenants to live.

By doing the appropriate checks, getting maintenance work done and briefing tenants, landlords can put themselves in the best position to keep their tenants safe.


Inform your tenants

By providing tenants with information before they move in, landlords can cover their back by keeping tenants informed.

In many circumstances, accidents happen because people are unaware of the danger. By giving tenants all the information they need these issues can be avoided.

Landlords can provide their tenants with information packs that include what to do if instances arise. It could also inform them about the locations of certain switches or keys that may be needed if issues do arise.

For example, during the summer months, condensation becomes a major issue for many tenants. Landlords who tell tenants to make use of bathroom vents and extractor fans and show them how to can also protect themselves.

Condensation can cause people to be sick because of the mould it produces but informing tenants is the best way to protect everyone.

Conduct regular checks on the property

Getting a reputable tradesperson to carry out electrical safety checks around the home will limit the chances of putting tenants in danger. These checks require an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

It is recommended that electrical installations are inspected and tested every five years as part of mandatory checks.

Light fittings, wiring, fuse boxes, electric fans, and fixed showers are all included in mandatory electrical checks.

Professional gas safety checks

Landlords must get a qualified professional to check the gas in the property. Properties with improper gas installations are extremely dangerous and could put tenants at risk.

Choosing a professional listed on the Gas Safe Register will ensure they are authorised to work on gas appliances.

The engineer will inform the landlord about any safety issues that are found, information about the landlord as well as the property, details about the results of each of the appliances, and any work that must be carried out after the checks.

Keep the home secure

Home security is crucial. Investing in CCTV cameras, burglar alarms and fitting doors and windows with locks will ensure that the property is secure and ward off burglars.

In a recent survey, the behaviours of burglars were analysed. Findings show that 60% of participants admitted that if a property had an alarm, it would discourage them from carrying out the crime.

Home security is not limited to CCTV, but it also refers to the overall safety of the home. Landlords who ensure that the property has properly fitted windows and doors that lock properly can keep their tenants out of danger

Depending on the location the likeliness of a property getting burgled can vary but by making sure the right devices are installed, tenants can be better protected.

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